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Help Pani after the burglary of his home

Closed Cause page created in the Challenges category by Isabelle Ferre for Pani Taukiri

$620 of $662 goal
Given by 9 generous donors in around 3 months

Pani's savings were taken in the burglary of his home. This represents the chance to travel to meet his grand-daughter for the first time.

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Pani's home he was house sitting for several months was broken into this weekend. The place was in a mess, the owner's car and $630 of his cash was taken. This represents three months of savings for him. He hasn't had a full time job for several years but has done lots of volunteer work so this is three months of doing little jobs here and there! He's trying hard to improve his finances and about to start a new job this week. I was devastated for him because I know how much he's worked to pay of debts, save money and take a fresh start. Please help if you can to return that amount to him! With the money he was planning to go to Australia to meet his two year old grand-daughter, Aaliyah. He hasn't been able to meet her yet due to the cost of travel.

Isabelle Ferre's involvement (page creator)

I am Pani's good friend and was there when he discovered the burglary.

Use of funds

Travel to Australia to meet Aaliyah, his two year old grand-daughter for the first time! Any surplus will go to a savings account for her to help with future education costs.

Latest donations

Dana on 23 Oct 2019
Guillaume on 21 Oct 2019
Love from France brother !
Adam on 21 Oct 2019
Julie & Loic
Julie & Loic on 21 Oct 2019
So sorry about the bad news... We hope you’ll have a good time meeting your grand-daughter.
Jean on 21 Oct 2019
Get ur sorry a... to Australia :)

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Created by Isabelle Ferre
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Paying to a verified bank account of Pani Taukiri

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