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Help Selim to go back home

on 14 Aug 2021

Florencia asks

Hi Althea,

I would like to put in contact with you to know how Selim and you are. I was one of the people who were there when the accident happened and we asked for help.

Big hug for both of you guys and wish Selim to recover soon. 🙏




This question has not been answered yet.

on 11 Aug 2021

Sean asks

Hi Althea,

I run an International Aeromedical company based in New Zealand, Australia and Europe. We have to send a team to Europe to retrieve a patient very soon, as we have another there to bring home. I'm thinking we should quote you as the backload situation would help you financially .


Kind regards,

Sean and Sonia


Hi Sean and thank you for your message and your concern.

Fortunately for us, Selim went finally back home 2 days ago so the repatriation is done, we just have to pay now!

But thank you for offering your help and making time for us.

Best regards,



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