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Help Selim to go back home

  • Thank you from Selim!

      17 October 2021
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    Hi beautiful people :)

    It's been 3 months now since the accident and it's still a long journey ahead. But today I finally take time to thank you all from the heart. ❤

    You are beautiful souls and I couldn't have wished for such a mobilization! Plus I've been really touched by all your messages of encouragement and support and it helped me a lot during those challenging times.

    Thanks to you I managed to get back home mid-august and since then I'm doing my rehab, slowly rebuilding myself and regaining autonomy. I would have loved to come back to you with some success stories but so far I didn't get any significant improvements. I'm not out of it though :)

    For those who want to keep track on my improvements, I'll try to give some updates on Instagram or Facebook from time to time if any !

    I wish you all to enjoy life to the full cause we never know what tomorrow brings. Love you all xx Take care ! 😘

    Fb : Selim Bhm / ig : slm_bhm

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    • 17/10/2021 by Vincent

      Hi Selim, glad to know that finally you've got back home. The best news for me today, definitely! Hope everything goes better and better with you. You can make it! All the best.

    • 17/10/2021 by Susan

      Hi Selim, I'm so pleased to hear you are back home, that would make you feel a lot better. Good luck with your rehab, you are young and determined, you will get there! xx