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Help Sending Gifts to My Orphanage in Russia

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I am trying to get a box of gifts to my Orphanage in Russia. Post is an option, but I would rather deliver personally.

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My name is Alex Gilbert. I was born in Arkhangelsk, Russia in 1992. I was placed in the Regional Children's Orphanage for the first two years of my life. My birth mother was unable to take care of me and my birth father had no idea I existed. 

I was adopted into my loving New Zealand family in 1994 when I was two years old along with my brother Andrei. Since my adoption I have been able to find and meet my birth parents, revisit my orphanage in Russia and help others around the world connect with my organisation 'I'm Adopted'.

I have written two books on my journey as well as documenting my own experience with me meeting my birth parents. I found my birth parents in 2013 using Social Media. I then went to visit them for the first time at the end of 2013. My journey was filmed for a Documentary here in New Zealand. 

I created I'm Adopted in 2015 to help others share their own stories and connect with their birth families. It's a platform that uses Facebook and other Social media websites as well as our own website to help others adopted around the world find their birth parents or to just share their stories.

I have spoken to our government here in New Zealand as well as the government in Russia about my project to help others connect who are adopted. I am proud of the project and it's something I will always keep on running.

You can visit the project here -  and 

In 2017 I went back to Russia again to see my orphanage for the first time in my birth city of Arkhangelsk. The city at the top of Russia and it is a long way to go.

I got myself there on my own. I got to meet my birth father again which was incredible. I caught up with him while I was in Arkhangelsk.

What I want to do now:

After I visited my orphanage in Russia I wanted to look at how I could help the orphanage in some way possible. I want to go back there but this time give them a gift that is unforgettable. Make it something they will never forget.

What I want to do now is go back there with a box of gifts and supplies to take to the orphanage. We have started to create a gift box with a New Zealand theme to take to the orphanage. Could even be right in the middle of the winter time. Something that is going to be another incredible experience for me.

We are going to post or personally deliver the gifts. Personally delivering will be more incredible. Import costs into Russia for packages are very expensive too. Postage for this can be well over $1200 for one of these boxes to get there. If we personally take these over we will full up two boxes.

Thank You!

Welcome to find me on Social Media here or check out the links on the right. Note: I am also adding my own costs to this cause too. Every amount counts and will help us make it happen. Thank you very much!

Instagram @alexgilbert


Use of funds:

Funds will help with the postage of the gifts. We have already collected most of the gifts ourselves. We just need to get it over there.

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Alex Gilbert


Alex Gilbert

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Alex Gilbert.
“Good luck”
“Wishing you all the best!! On behalf of my HMHC audience xx”
“As a mum to a Russian-born little boy (we adopted him as a 2-year old also) I think what you’re doing is fantastic! The children at the orphanage will treasure these gifts.”
“Great cause, awesome story, well done Alex, I wish you all the best!”
“Good luck with your fundraiser Alex, it's a great idea (glad I thought of it :)). Looking forward to seeing what great gifts and school supplies you send through to Russia.”
  • $634.75 donated
  • 13 generous donors

$635 donated

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