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Help Support Astrid - The Cancer is Back

  • Astrid's Cancer Journey Update

      10 October 2023
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    Hello and thank you for all of your support for Astrid over the last several weeks - your generosity has been AMAZING! We wanted to give you an update as to where things are at.

    After recent radiation treatment for her arm pain, she travelled up to Wellington on Sunday where she will remain for the next month. On Monday, she started the drug trial she has been accepted on to for something called ‘Elranatamab’. She is spending some time in the hospital at the start of her drug trial for monitoring as it can have some serious side effects and hopes to go to the Ronald McDonald house soon where she will be based during this month.

    This the start of a long journey and if all goes well over the next month, Astrid will be traveling to Wellington on a weekly basis to get injections and monitoring overnight for an initial six months. The frequency of injections will reduce to fortnightly after six months if she is responding well to the drug and her participation in the trial could carry on for quite some time.

    Her daughters will be taking turns supporting her in Wellington this next month as well as a few friends. The funds raised thus far will go towards additional travel costs for her support people, food costs, shortfalls for continuing living costs and potential accommodation costs as the trial continues.

    We can’t thank you enough for your generosity in helping Astrid and her family during this difficult period and will keep the page active.

    So many thanks to you!

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