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Jake Milbank's Recovery from injuries sustained from White Island Eruption

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Jake is a tour guide for White Island Tours. He was on the island when it erupted, and has sustained burns to 80% of his body.

This normally passionate energetic young man, who has a love for anything ocean, was in his element when this tragedy occurred.

However he now has a long journey to recovery, and anything raised on this page will be used to help the family financially to ensure they can be by his side all the way. And provide anything Jake will need during his recovery.

Jake is currently staying in ICU in Middlemore Hospital and he is surrounded by his family. The family would like to thank you all for the messages, support and good wishes for Jake that they have already recieved.

Rebecca Holder's involvement (page creator)

I am a close family friend of approximately 12yrs

Use of funds

To support Family and allow them to be by Jake's side all the way. And cover any needs that Jake may have.

Latest update

Another update from Jake  4 September 2020

Posted by: Rebecca Holder

Hey everyone, just giving a quick update on my progress. The second part of my surgery went great, as I have now re-gained enough movement in my neck to be able to drive! Sometime down the track I will need to have more contracture release work done on my neck, but my most recent one has given me the freedom of being able to get out of the house whenever I want and not have to rely on others to get around. my hands also healed up nicely after my most recent surgery, and I have since been able to begin doing the things I love again. I have been able to get out on the boat and go fishing, and my dad and I have been whitebaiting at the Tarawera rivermouth and managed to catch a decent feed. This was a lot of fun but on both occasions I ended up with blisters on my palms due to my skin being so delicate. To try and make my physiotherapy sessions a little more interesting, I have been doing one of the local bush walks with my physiotherapists. I have been progressing further and further, having to take less breaks along the and way doing it much faster each time. I am continuing with my daily scar therapy regime, which consists of scar therapy massage, pressure garments and lots of moisturiser. Dealing with scars is a long-term battle but as long as we keep this work up we will begin to see positive changes. I'm grateful to the team that are working with me and continuing to support me along my journey.

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Latest donations

Glen 1 day ago
Stephen 3 days ago
All survivors of WIE are phenomenal, Icons of courage, purveyors of hope. Stephenie and Jake are,in particular articulate ambassadors of getting thru this horror experience. Witnessing that emboldens others. That is how humanity works, I'd imagine!
Andrew & Natalee Barge
Andrew & Natalee Barge on 13 Sep 2020
Hi Jake It is so good to read the updates on the progress of your recovery. Your positive attitude, courage and bravery is truly inspirational! All the very best for your journey. Natalee & Andrew Barge
Jarrad on 10 Sep 2020
Hi Jake, Your daily scar therapy regime would absolutely suck! Especially being a young man you might take the f@#$ it approach and decide this is just how it is and you don't feel like continuing the regime. Keep the mindset that it is going to be a long term process and remember your just laying the foundation. Think long term. Think dancing at your wedding. Think playing with your kids. PRESSURE GARMENTS and MOISTURIZER they are so important. It's all just part of your dress code now and I promise you it will make your future that much easier. Family and friendships will help you through.
Lee on 10 Sep 2020
Hi Jake, I just come across your newshub video on YouTube. Your positive and gracious attitude is inspiring. I appreciate you taking the time to share your story, thank you

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