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Help support Jake's recovery

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    Elke asks

    Hi Jake! I am Elke, current in Switzerland, a Journalist and Editor, catched from you bravnes, alloweing myselfe to ask you, what is giving you strength? And can you imagine to lecture in the future business people in managing crisis, to stand and handle the unbeliefable?

    take care,



    22 days ago

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    Sabrina asks

    Hi Rebecca. My name is Sabrina and I'm a television producer with The Weather Channel US. Jake's recovery story is incredible. We are working on an upcoming production and would like to talk to Jake. Is it possible that you could email me, so that I can reach out to his family with more details. I am wishing all of you the best and Jake, stay strong and have a healthy recovery.

    29 days ago

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    Andrea asks

    My name is Andrea Miller-Peeples from Nashville, Tennessee, USA. I think Jake is the tour guide who was very helpful to me last February when I was on the White Island tour. He went out of his way to wait for me as I was slower than the rest and when there was no one to take photos of me with the island's terrain in the background he offered to take those photos for me. I have a short video among my photos of White Island where I filmed the guide I believe is Jake speaking about the island. I am hoping you can confirm to me it is Jake. I'm going to share your link for his recovery support on my Facebook page. I will make the post public so it can be seen and include the video. If you can take the time to let me know I have the correct person please let me know. Even if it is a different person, I wish Jake a speedy recovery.

    on 11 Dec 2019

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