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Help this large family who recently left Gloriavale

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A family of 11 have just left Gloriavale with almost no possessions to start a new life in Timaru. Will you help them get on their feet?

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This family has 9 beautiful children from 15 months to 16 years old. Their parents were born and raised in Gloriavale and haven't known life on the outside.

Gloriavale is a secluded, religious community on the West Coast of the South Island with over 500 members. They follow a simple system of living where all possessions are held in common. Therefore, when people leave, they often have very little to their names.

It's a very difficult decision to leave, and it means they may never see their family and friends again. They have to start their lives from scratch in an unfamiliar environment.

The father has secured employment which begins in a few weeks, so it would be amazing to be able to bless the family with vehicles.

The children can all play a variety of instruments and one of them is a particularly talented pianist. In fact, the whole family is very creative and have played pivotal roles in the well-known Gloriavale concerts - painting, costume designing, dancing, singing, playing instruments etc.

Securing and setting up a house can be an expensive exercise, and we are hoping to alleviate any financial stress during this uncertain time. We would be grateful for your prayers for the family and we thank you for any support you are able to offer.

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Use of Funds:

The family needs an 11-12 seater van to fit them all, along with a vehicle for Dad to commute to work. Funds raised will also be used to help set the children up for school (uniforms, fees etc), and to enable the family to move into a suitable house.

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Graham and Liz Gregory


We are currently hosting the large family who have left Gloriavale until we can organise suitable housing and transport for them. A group of us have been involved with ex-Gloriavale families for many years and feel blessed to be able to help them.

All funds raised benefit:

An ex-Gloriavale Family

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Graham and Liz Gregory on behalf of An ex-Gloriavale Family.

“All the best to the fam- God bless you Liz&Graham!!”
“All the very best for the future and the families you are helping.”
“Hope this helps you back on your feet! Grim and Liz you guys are amazing :)”
“I think the Gregory‚Äôs are doing a wonderful job”
“Keep up the great work!”
“Blessings to the family for for your chosen new life style. And blessings to all those committed to helping you.”
“Keep up the good work helping others!”
“Best Wishes.”
“Courageous family, wishing you all the best in the beautiful, open world.”
“Wishing the family a very happy future”
  • $18,050.00 donated
  • 172 generous donors

$18,050 donated



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