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Help Zayne feel more secure with the help of sensory items

We are kindly asking for help to purchase our 8 year old son Zayne some much needed Sensory items.

A short back around story about our Zayne as it's a very long one. Zayne is an amazing boy! kind, caring, loving with one of the best personalities. Zayne always has us laughing with funny things he says and it's sad that not many people get to see this. From the age of two we have noticed some differences in Zayne, after asking many people it was alway put down to his ears. With many up downs along the way we have tried to help Zayne the best way we can as parents with no clue to whats really going on with our little man. October of last year Zaynes father went to Australia to work for 5 weeks, this change impacted Zayne dramatically, with him refusing to go to school and he has not been back since. We are very lucky to have different organisations helping our family with getting Zayne diagnosed, understanding his anxiety and education support at home. We are currently in the process of getting Zayne assessed for autism and anxiety, no matter what the outcome of this is, Zayne will never be any different to us. From what we understand Zayne would benefit using sensory items to help keep him calm and to also help with anxiety and his everyday hurdles. Unfortunately with this comes some serious expenses that we are struggling to gather. We can not stress enough about this situation and only wish our son the best life possible.

We thank you for taking your time to read this we truly appreciate it xx

Zayne doesn't and has never slept in his own bed as he likes to be cuddled, we are like his safety blanket, we believe that a weighted blanket would be beneficial to help him, when he starts sleeping by himself and as well as a sensory sheet, these two items will help Zayne feel more relaxed and will help with his anxiety around sleeping by himself.

We have been given professional advice that a weighted lap pad will help Zayne during the day, This weighted lap pad reduces stress and anxiety levels, this will also help him feel more at ease when dropping his big sister off to school and picking her up. We believe that this would be beneficial for Zayne when he eventual returns back to school and to have at his at home appointments.

A Fidget toy pack will help Zayne when he has appointments at home or for when he will eventually start having to leave the house for appointments, leaving the house for Zayne is extremely stressful and brings serious anxiety and it can lead to meltdowns which can last hours. We have noticed he loves soft squishy toys during stressful times it helps him calm down and helps to place him in a more relaxed head space.

These items are for sensory needs that Zayne is seeking and will help him with his day to day activities. We very much appreciate and thank you for your help and support to help our Zayney feel more comfortable with every day life which can be so hard for him at the moment.

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Zayne is our 8 year old son

Use of funds

The Money kindly gifted for Zayne will be spent on sensory items for Zayne. A weighted blanket and sensory sheet for his bed, a weighted lap pad for during the day and fidget toy pack to help with anxious moments.

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Guest Donor on 19 Oct 2020
Kim on 18 Oct 2020
Sean Calkin

thank you for your donation we appreciate it xx

Sean Calkin
KEVIN on 16 Oct 2020
Let's know what else we can do for you.
Ben on 16 Oct 2020
Sean Calkin

thank you for your donation to help Zayne we appreciate it xx

Sean Calkin
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 15 Oct 2020
Sean Calkin

thank you for your donation to help Zayne we appreciate it xx

Sean Calkin

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