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To Help our sister Rehabilation and to bring her home to Gisborne NZ

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A wonderful caring professional Nurse of 40 years and midwife sent home with paracetamol with all signs of meningitis.

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Tragedy Family Support Rehabilitation

Carolyn Virginia Pere a woman of passion dedication aroha- love whom comes from of line of nurses and caregivers, started her career in nursing at the age of 18 here at the Gisborne Cook Hospital NZ.

Now 40 years on she walked into A&E Hospital her home town on the 23rd of January 2017 at 6:00 am in pain confusion with aid from her daughter with all signs of Meningitis. She was sent home with Augmentin and paracetamol.

That afternoon on return from work I found my niece in distress regarding her mother my sister Carolyn in a level of high pain. She was still able to communicate with me, constantly holding her head complaining of her ear, hot and cold flushes confusion, I asked if she wanted to get under a cold shower which I had to carry her on my back and stand with her in the shower. Carolyn complained saying her head and ear is sore and then her back her posture was changing from hunch over to leaning back, her mental status was changing rapidly from swearing to crying to agitated. I ran to my husband who said call the ambulance.

While waiting I notice her skin colour changing to when someone is about to die. This was so upsetting for me and her daughter, when the ambulance men arrived we were both relieved, they asked what were the purple markings by her ear I said, I had not notice them due to fact I was in distress myself. I would like to thank the ambulance men.

On arrival to home town A&E Hospital test were done and the doctor who attended to our sister where Carolyn was not fully responsive, stated to myself, sisters and Carolyn daughter we can rule out Meningitis. Which was a relief to us all I left A&E at 9:00 pm to return the following day to find our sister had been transfer to the ICU Unit.

Going on the medical report it had taken Gisborne Hospital medical staff from 6:00 am 23rd of January 2017 to the 24th of January 2017 to diagnose our sister with Gram negative rod meningitis 2 ndary to otistis media/mastoidits. In this time this had traveled to our sister brain and spine.

To late, if the doctor who had attended to our sister that morning 6:00 am on the 23rd of January 2017, done all test and listen to her daughter whom said she has all signs of Meningitis done a lumber test, our sister and whanau would not be going through the last 4 months of pain suffering, distress, and the uncertainty of Carolyn future.

This is class as a disease which is not covered by ACC, a drunk can go out and kill someone on the road and automatically be funded. A nurse of 41 years whom has the passion and love in her mahi-work is told she is not covered.

Carolyn was placed in a coma for transfer to Waikato Hospital ICU which the family would like to acknowledge the professionalism and care by all staff at Waikato ICU, thank you. Two weeks she still remained in a coma till she regain conciseness and was moved to the Independencies ward.

Unfortunately Carolyn had a fall which she landed on her head causing more trauma.

One night myself and her daughter were with her, she had to be restrain as she had tubes coming out of her throat this was stressful for Carolyn and she would try and remove them. Unable to itch her nose as this was a habit of hers so the 4 hours I sat with her she was un-restrain which she didn't once try and pull it out. And reassuring her this was to help.

When we were leaving I said to Kamia I will place the restraints on, Kamia said I will auntie. As I looked up at her daughter as she gently tied her mothers hands down to the bed her tears that rolled down her cheeks as she whisper to her mother I'm so sorry mum, Carolyn smile and whisper I love you.

Carolyn had master the art of lip reading.

Her Daughter is so much like Carolyn the compassion and aroha-love that her mother has placed within her heart is the light that Carolyn is focusing towards.

Carolyn is now in ABI Auckland been treated for strokes causing damage to her brain, she had lost her hearing as well but had surgery 3 weeks ago for implants which went well. The implant are been slowly turned on. Still confused to sit with her and explain that our mother, father, brother and sister are no longer with us is hard for her to take in.

This Journey with our sister, I am humbled to have been brought up in the 60's to experience the professionalism care and aroha that was given to patient back then. To hear from medical staff these days we are under staff, under paid, sadden me that our whanau - family members are subject to the outcomes of what has happen to our sister. To sit there one night with my sister and alert the nursing staff that the older women next to Carolyn has been ringing her bell for the last 3 minutes in pain, to hear the male nurse approach her and say what now. Sadden me that this beautiful women is someones mother grandmother, sister, and to see and hear this is obviously may be going on in other Hospitals.

We put our trust in the people we understand that are experience knowledgeable caring with our love ones for the up most professional care.

Only to discover that the attitudes in the medical staff has change due to the fact of money. Constantly hearing from nursing staff we are under paid, under staff sadden me that our Government has put our loves ones care at risk. This is a fact causing outcomes such as our sister Carolyn and many others.

Carolyn deserves to be treated as they would be like to be treated. We had to put photo's up on the wall of Carolyn in her nurses uniform so that they knew she was a nurse and pray and hope that they would say she one of us. Some did but others looked at her as another day at work.

Example: Doctors rounds in the morning Carolyn is awake, they all stand there and talk to us instead of directing the conversation towards her, even thou she could not hear she is the patient and to be treated with dignity and respect. Gone the days of asking the patient how they feel and what would they prefer example female or male nurse to wash you.

I would like to acknowledge those whom have been involved with our sister and whanau, whom have shown wairua-spirit, aroha-love ,compassion. Gisborne Ambulance men, lady doctor in ICU Gisborne, ICU staff Waikato, the head doctor of ICU Waikato whom explained professionally the facts and damage this has cause Carolyn and the outcome of Carolyn next 2 years. Angela, Hika of ABI Rehab Auckland. Also our many extended whanau here and over sea Australia and friends of Carolyn in NZ and Australia.

Carolyn-Cannie You are an angle sent from heaven bless with the hands of aroha- love we have been bless and in return we send our aroha.

Funds raise will be use to support our sister financially and to hopefully purchase a mobile whare-home.

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I am one of 5 sister of Carolyn Pere whom has been told by the doctor in Waikato NZ that our sister will require at least 2 years to get through the damage that meningitis has done to her. And the uncertainty of Carolyn ever returning back to nursing which she compassionately loves.

All funds raised benefit:

Carolyn Virginia Pere

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Janine Pere on behalf of Carolyn Virginia Pere.

  • $10,151.00 donated
  • 97 generous donors

$10,151 donated

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