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Kristen's breast cancer battle

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Given by 66 generous donors in around 6 months


Please help Kristen win the breast cancer battle so she can be the best mum to her 2 year old daughter

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Kristen’s challenge

Kristen would love some help to cope with her breast cancer journey. She has had surgery to remove her left breast and will need to undergo chemotherapy as soon as possible which will take around 6 months.

Kristen is 43 and has a two year old daughter, Amiah. Amiah’s Dad lives in Nepal and although he remains in contact with Kristen and Amiah he is not in a position to provide financial support for his daughter.

Post-surgery Kristen was not able to work and it is likely she will not be able to do too much during the chemotherapy treatment phase. This has put her little family under a lot of financial stress.

With Christmas coming and some bills waiting to be paid it has become a huge challenge for Kristen to make ends meet and remain positive for her recovery. Being the strong and independent person she is, she doesn’t like to ask for financial assistance so I am on her behalf.

Why would you want to help?

In the years before beautiful Amiah arrived Kristen travelled extensively. She did quite a bit of volunteer work in South America and Nepal helping under privileged children. She also taught English to Nepalese women wanting to find work in Nepal.

During her time in Nepal Kristen raised some money from New Zealand to provide; a water purifier, bunks, bedding and clothing to an orphanage. This made a huge difference to the day to day life for the children and the people providing the orphanage facilities with no financial assistance.

Kristen has a small clothing shop with two others but it is not yet established enough to be making a profit. She was also selling clothing at local markets and some of her sale proceeds have also been donated to Nepalese orphanages.

Kristen does not earn a lot and in normal times can support herself, Amiah, her cat and chicken without an issue. But since becoming ill, not being able to work has taken away her ability to earn and remain independent.

Despite her challenges Kristen tries to remain positive each day and most of the time she is able to achieve it. But it is a struggle for her at other times.

If you are able to provide some help to smooth Kristen’s path over the next 6 months, it would be a great gift.

Money raised will go towards keeping Kristen healthy and well during her journey, pay her outstanding household bills and provide some joy for Amiah.

Thank you for anything you are able to give and if that is nothing at this time then that is fine.

Latest donations

  • The Granger family.

    The Granger family. on 10 Mar 2016


    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. You can beat this Cookie. Stu and family?


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 27 Feb 2016



  • Lisa Riddington

    Lisa Riddington on 15 Feb 2016



  • Caroline Olson

    Caroline Olson on 01 Jan 2016


    Sending love and strength x


  • John

    John on 30 Dec 2015


    We went through similar times with my sister who was only 26. She left behind a 1 year old baby girl who has now grown to be a beautiful confident young lady. She has got there by the contribution and help of others so I hope what little help we give all adds up as you enter these challenging times. Aroha Nui Kristen xo


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$4,905 donated

Given by 66 generous donors in around 6 months

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