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My son who is now 5 years old who diagnosed epilepsy when he was 2 and still haven't find a cure yet.

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My son Tenoch, who is now 5 years old, had diagnosed epilepsy when he was 2 but still haven't find a cure yet.

It is a very stressful thing to see our cute little son suffered by Epilepsy. Through this two years, we have been experienced alot and It is a nightmare to see him suffered many seizures a day or seizures that took longer than 5 minutes and admitted to hospital many times.

After trying 5 different medications, for the past few months, his seizures improved abit but still having between 12 and 30 seizures a month.

Seizures and medication also delay Tenoch's development. He used to be a very clever boy before he have any seizures, but now everything is much slower. At the age of 4 now, he is still having trouble to speak, walking up and down the stair, climbing and running straight.

The neurologist suggested we tried Ketogenic diet, which simply need to cut off all the carbohydrate food and every meal need to measure correctly. Therefore, he can't eat any rice, noodle, chip, cake, juice, basically all the food that kids like. However, this method did improve his development abit but so far can't see any sign of curing his seizure.

My wife and I have many stressful moments for Tenoch, as my wife now need to constantly care of him as well as another new born son, I am the only financial supporter for the family and we still have mortgage to pay and other unknown expenses for Tenoch. We do have hope that our son will be cured, but sometime our motivation to moving forward is low with the amount of stress that we had. With your financial support, our family will certainly have something less worry about and also can seek for more advice from experienced doctor oversea.

Use of Funds:

Fund raised will be used to:

- Support family expenses

- Ingredient for Tenoch's Ketogenic diet food

- Travel oversea to consult more epilepsy expert

- Help his development

Page created by:

Jacky Ho


I'm Tenoch's father, who raised this fundraising so we can have a little financial support when we are dealing with Tenoch's epilepsy situation. This is not a easy life for us, sometime is hard to stay positive when all the methods we tried seem failed and watching Tenoch suffered. Your donated money will definitely help our family alot.

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Jacky (Tsun Kay) Ho.

  • $1,990.00 donated
  • 10 generous donors

$1,990 donated

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