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Help Claire get to Germany for cancer treatment.

on 12 Jul 2021

vidhan asks

Hi Claire,

Hope you are well!!

Just wanted to check in and see how is verything going.

It would be great if you could post an update!!



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on 1 Apr 2015

AB asks

Hi Claire. Conventional medicine has given us precious time and a chance of cure/control of cancer. Have looked at all the alternatives and when looking hard they just don't make sense. Most cancer treatments are available here in NZ.

We find conventional doctors are (rightly) super-cautious in giving prognosis - not like the sensational claims of some offering expensive unproven 'therapies'.

Good luck

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on 30 Mar 2015

Glen asks

HI Claire

Good on you for looking outside the square to be healthy again.

I have some info here that will help you get sorted. I found all this looking for my own answers after having chronic fatigue and the doctors could not help me either. I'm am now fit and well and I love to help others where I can.

There are lots of ways to get cancer under control and I have to bite my tongue every time I hear the medical industry say that there is no cure.

It sounds like your looking in the right directoin by heading to germany.

However I wanted you to know you can get a head start and probably turn things around at very little cost from here in nz.

Cancer gets away on us when the body is under oxygenated and the liver can not clear out toxins fast enough.

A very simple way to get more oxygen in our bodies is by drinking ozone water. I have put a link below for a nz site that you can buy a machine from. I have one and it's awesome.

To Clear the Liver of toxins so it can rid you body of cancer you need to look at coffee enemas of which you can do at home in private. This alone will be you fastest track to good health.

I've attached a link to Gerson Therapy. Charlotte gerson has been curing people for years in Mexico, Termanal cases also, people that are a lot worse of than where you are right now.

Also start Juicing fresh vegs and fruits and stay away from processed foods Meat and Salt & sugar. (At least untill you are well again.)

The 20 yr Chinese study that shows when humans eat less that 30% animal protein the cancer Gene is turned off and when humans eat more that 30% animal protein it turns the cancer gene on.

As for Vitiman C when you eat it you lose 80% through you gut before it enters the blood stream

intravenous is very good with at 30% loss However lypo spheric vitamin c only has a 20% loss. so you can get higher concentration in you body than intravenous by taking lypo spheric vitamin c.

Lypo spheric vitamin c is avaible at I have put the link below for you to get from the website. they are cheaper than most health shops and always deliver the next day if you order before 2pm.

Apricot Kernels are natures kemo also availble from healthpost of which I'v also added the link for you also. These are very good and will halt any further cancer progression.

If you can make these simple changes you will turn things around in your favor very quickly. I can't stress enough how much good the coffee enemas will be for you.

I you would like any more info or help please let me know and I'll send it through to you.

In summay

1 Ozone Machine

2 Coffee enemas (GERSON Therapy)

3 Fresh juice and not meat or salt (GERSON Therapy)

3 Lypo spheric vitamin c

4 Apricot kernels

Ozone Machine

(GERSON Therapy)

(GERSON Therapy)

Lypo spheric vitamin c

Simple changes make a big difference.

All the Best


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on 30 Mar 2015

Ashley asks

Hi Claire,

I hope this email finds you well.

I just wanted to send you a quick message to introduce myself as I'm a writer for Lucky Break magazine here in NZ and I've just read your story on the Stuff news website.

It sounds like you are going through an incredibly tough time at the moment, but I wanted to reach out and see if you might be keen to share your story with our magazine? We'd love to help raise awareness for melanoma and funds for you in the process.

Let me know your thoughts and I'd be happy to give you a call anytime to answer any questions you may have.

Warm regards,


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on 30 Mar 2015

Stephen asks

Hi Claire you want to contact the Malaghan Institute of Medical research I think they are based in Wellington and ask them about the work they are doing with immunotherapy I read they have been working on a treatment for Melanoma.

Also ask your doctors about a drug called Pembrolizumab they have been using it in the states the company Merck has already gathered enough evidence to file for FDA approval.

They had one patient who could barely walk and struggled to breath and after using Pembrolizumab the cancer almost entirely vanished from his body.

Good luck with your treatments.

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on 30 Mar 2015

Ryan asks

Hi Claire, I am presuming that you are stage 4 now? Anyway have a look at Yervoy (Ipilimumab) and Keytruda (MK3475). There are some stunning breakthroughs currently happening in the treatment of Melanoma, what wasn't curable now looks like it could be up to 50% of the time. Now that they are researching down this line there are regular advances. There are currentlyrics trials happening in NZ if you are stage 4 and meet other conditions, or Ipi can be purchased as I have done with my mother. MK3475 is approved in the USA but can only be got in trials or under compassionate grounds here currently. If you aren't stage 4, then at least this will give you some insight and optimism abouthey future treatment. The USDA website is great for keeping an eye in too.

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