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Help Doctors Learn Hemp Medicine

Closed Cause page created in the Education category by Tadhg Stopford for "The accreditation of NZs first Hemp Medicine training course for Medical Professionals."

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We have educated & surveyed 300 doctors at their biggest national conferences. There is a knowledge gap. They need teaching. Help us do it.

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Every species that has a backbone, uses self made cannabinoids to communicate between cells & maintain homeostasis (a fancy word for equilibrium, or good good health).

This is an area that the medical profession remains ignorant of. But our experience shows that many of them are willing to learn. However, there is currently no opportunity to do so. Working in conjunction with RNZCGP Dr Ben Jansen, & Canadian cannabis medicine practitioners Dr Michael Verbora & Dr Danial Schecter, the Hemp Commission & have written a rigorous medical training course for NZ medical professionals. ....Despite all those grand sounding people, im still just a secondary school teacher, and this is a really expensive process. Any help to eat this financial elephant would be gratefully received.

Tadhg Stopford's involvement (page creator)

My mum has MS, & ive had a gutsful of the political interference & stonewalling in this issue. Interestingly, when I started this process 11 months ago, I thought I understood this issue. Turns out I did not know anything. Most of us dont. We have been misled & misinformed, and its not been to protect us. Its been to protect bad companies selling bad products. Lets improve things. We can get medicines from our legally grown hemp, why are the politicians stopping us?

Use of funds

Pay for the ongoing peer reviews on the course ($115 per hour) first level passed, all subsequent levels SHOULD pass, unless politics interferes), then, pay for document printing, venue hire, travel expenses for Dr Jansen from Oz to help facilitate the first course, & the subsequent taking of this education course from auckland to other regions. The goal is to educate as many doctors as possible. The revolution needs to come from the grassroots, we must start with the medical profession.

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  • Victoria Davis

    Victoria Davis on 29 Oct 2017


    Many people my age use cannabis for a variety of reasons because it works better than pharmacuticals and has acceptable, even pleasant and useful side effects.


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 27 Oct 2017


    Good on you.


  • Karlos

    Karlos on 26 Sep 2017



  • skymermaid

    skymermaid on 21 Sep 2017


    Every little helps 🤗


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 19 Sep 2017


    Great work Tadhg,


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Created by Tadhg Stopford, paying to a verified bank account of tadhg stopford on behalf of The accreditation of NZs first Hemp Medicine training course for Medical Professionals.

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This page was created on 2 Sep 2017 and closed on 10 Nov 2017.
$1,121 donated

Given by 12 generous donors in 9 weeks

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