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Help Dottie access all the specialist care needed for her ongoing medical issues!

Christchurch, Canterbury

Dottie is a pedigree Griffon with dwarfism and a couple of other complex medical conditions - including compression of her spinal cord, neck instability and CM/SM.

Unfortunately, as there haven’t been other cases like Dottie to learn from and her unique combination of conditions, we’ve had to think outside the box. Dottie has blazed her own medical trail and helped others along her way. We were told that she wasn’t expected to make it until 1 year old. But with this medical assistance, love and care she is now almost 5 years old!

Dottie has been able to receive some of the best care and diagnostics, from New Zealand and international veterinary experts - thanks to your support.

While she pet insurance it doesn't cover many of the complex medical aspects she needs (For example: her Florida-based Neurologist who specialises in CM/SM at $1k NZD p/hr).

After encouragement from her online supporters, we began this page for those who are interested in supporting her journey and to help mitigate some of the costs. But also to ensure Dottie doesn't have to wait to access any life-saving or urgent treatments to maintain her quality of life as she continues to age.

Although only 2kgs, her personality is much bigger than her body. She is curious, funny and loving. Dottie is a sassy little role model for pets with disability and rescue. Raising awareness and gathering supporters for rescue, along the way. Dottie is truly one of a kind, in so many ways. Please check out more using the below!

Use of funds

Consult fees for (NZ or international) veterinary experts, surgery costs, costs associated with an expert operating on Dottie in NZ, any diagnostic costs (bloods, imaging etc), medications, and any/all costs associated with Dottie's medical needs.

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It’s time for your dental and annual checks, Dottie!!  17 March 2024

Thank you all so much for your support and following little Dot!

Since her MRI and engaging Dr De Pompa, Dottie has been stable neurologically. Our fingers are crossed she remains this way!!

Our recent concerns (after it was raised by her medical team) have turned to those front limbs. Dot is almost 5 years old. Each birthday is tainted with an little anxiety as we know her little body wasn’t exactly “built to last”.

Dot’s forearms have began to cause her pain and she lets us know. Plus they are turning out more. Thursday (07/03/24) I came home to see Dot wasn’t herself and limping. It reminded me I must forgo my medical anxiety and book her in. Last vet visit we discussed with her vet booking Dottie in for:

* Anaesthetic + Dental check and x-rays +/- a dental clean or extractions +

* Blood panel for health +

* X-rays of forearms

We know a rough estimate is $1,200-$2,000 approx. if her teeth are good. Plus depending on the number of xrays taken (First being $170 then approx $100ea and dental ones $300-ish).

So this is what we’ll use any media work funds and this medical account for next - we want to be sure to update you guys about what she needs, why, when, for transparency.

In terms of life updates: please check out Dottie’s instagram for the most up to date information! We post there daily and on stories numerous times a day. It can be difficult to remember to update all the various pages but you’ll always get updated Dottie there!


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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 30 Jun 2023
Love watching your updates, Dottie.
FrankieTheBrussels on 12 May 2023
We love Dottie! Love, FrankieTheBrussels
Lauren on 14 Apr 2023
Zoe on 13 Apr 2023
Hope Dottie feels better soon! She a precious little peanut!
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 12 Apr 2023

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