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The primary goal of this campaign is to help me to cover my legal costs.

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I am an international student in the process of doing a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Health Science Conjoint degree. This is my 4th year and I have two semesters to go in order to complete them. I am writing to you as I need your help.

I came to New Zealand in April 2015 at the age of 16. Whilst I was studying at ACG International College, Auckland, I met a man (Mr. X) who was a few years older than me. He took intimate photos and videos of me in the process of this relationship. Subsequently, Mr. X threatened to publish the images and videos if I did not continue having sex with him. This continued for a couple of years to the point where I reported it to the Police in August of 2019. Upon learning this, Mr. X promised to delete all the images in exchange for my withdrawal of the police complaint, which I did. I had not had any experience with a man prior to Mr. X, and the experience and the blackmailing led to me developing mental health issues. Due to these on-going health issues and episodes, the University of Auckland has been reluctant to enroll me. Despite the difficulties, I have performed admirably at university, pursuing a conjoint degree as well as working in the healthcare field. I have not failed one single paper until the most recent semester.

Misfortune struck again in October 2019 when I was raped at the mental health unit. This is currently under the investigation of the New Zealand Police. For personal reasons, I have not informed the university of my history with Mr. X and the most recent incident of sexual assault. Unsurprisingly, I struggled with the final exams in November 2019 and failed 2 out of 3 papers. I believe that this probably provided the perfect opportunity, if not excuse, for the university to cancel my enrolment.

During the whole process, my family have sought legal help to appeal the university’s decision and to deal with immigration matters. Please see the attachment below for detailed invoices. Despite this, none of the organiszations or lawyers we have dealt with have been able to provide a satisfactory approach as to how to deal with the matter. I am, therefore, facing financial hardship as my tuition fees next year will be around $42,000. My family are unable to pay any more money to lawyers so I no longer have legal representation.

The whole situation has made my life miserable. My Mum cries every day and I have thought of ending my life multiple times as I really think there is no solution. I haven’t been able to attend classes since semester 2 as bad memories and emotions come back to me whenever I am close to the university grounds. I’m never sure where I will find money to pay for the following week’s rent and bills and I keep receiving invoices from lawyers.

The staff at the international office have told me that I have received a particularly high level of healthcare and support resources for my mental health problems. However, even though I am an international student, I try my best to contribute to the local community. I have made 27 plasma donations and the nurse at the blood centre has told me it is rare to see a 20 year old girl coming back every two weeks. I do this because I do not want to be a burden to anyone and I want to do something that can help others.

Use of funds

The fund will be used for the future legal costs and costs already incurred.

Relocation Fees

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Living Expenses   13 February 2020

Posted by: Yitong Qin

The funds will also be used for the basic living costs.

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Guest Donor on 08 Mar 2020
All the best - I hope things get easier for you soon ❤️
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 06 Mar 2020
Lily on 05 Mar 2020
Samuel on 04 Mar 2020
All the best, I hope that everything works out well for you :)
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 04 Mar 2020
Hope this helps you to overcome the hardships of the last few years.

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