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Kitten Inn needs your help!

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    Ana asks


    Is there any way to set up a regular donation by automatic payment through givealittle? I couldn't find you on the IRD donee list, and I'd like to be able to claim a tax rebate on my donations which I can then use to make a lump sum donation. If you're interested in being added to the IRD donee list, this link has some info on how you can get donee status:

    When you are added to the list, you can mention on your website that donors can qualify for the donations rebate, and suggest they claim the rebate and use it to make another donation. Wellington Free Ambulance does this. It might help get a bit more funding since its "free" money from the IRD and many people would be happy to donate it.

    Thank you


    on 28 Apr 2016

    • The Kitten Inn

      The Kitten Inn

      Hi Ana,

      We are on the IRD donee list under Animal Welfare Wellington - trading as The Kitten Inn.

      Hope that helps :)

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