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Please help us raise much needed funds to continue our work caring for unwanted kittens in Wellington.

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In the first 6 months of 2015 we desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, health checked, flea'd, wormed, and found homes for 625 kittens. This season, we're on track to exceed that number.

We also spayed (& microchipped some) over 100 mumma cats. Many of these mumma cats were spayed free of charge to the owners when they surrendered the full litter of kittens.

This year, we had many illnesses, and injuries to contend with. We also had many mumma's who were on their 2nd and 3rd litters of the season - cats can't cope with this and their ability to provide all the nutrients their babies need, diminishes. This means their babies grow at a very slow pace and are susceptible to illness.

We also took in many wild/feral cats who needed extra love and attention - sometimes many weeks were needed for them to trust humans again.

We have a small army of wonderful volunteers and fosterers, plus many more people waiting patiently for us to call on them when we need more people. We have fantastic vets who not only give us great prices, but work closely with us on a daily basis.

We're missing one thing. We just don't have enough money to pay the bills. To keep operating, and to not have countless sleepless nights when sick or injured kitties turn up on our doorstep, we need $25,000 per month in kitten season. This is where you come in...if just half our facebook followers set up an automatic payment for just $1 per week, we could get on with our most important job - caring for the kittens and cats.

That's all it would take - just $1 per week. Or $5 a month - perhaps buy just one coffee less per month to help save lives and stop the breeding cycle that produces unwanted cats?

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The Kitten Inn


The Kitten Inn is a local animal rescue that takes in unwanted or abandoned pregnant cats, and kittens.

Working with local vets and animal rescues in the Wellington region to promote responsible ownership by desexing and microchipping pets.

  • $6,358.08 donated
  • 70 generous donors

$6,358 donated

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