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Kitten Inn needs your help! - Updates - Givealittle

  • Gallery     27 April 2016
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    Visit the Gallery Page for some great photos of kittens and some of the Kitten Inn resident cats!

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  • Can you spare $1 a week?     27 April 2016
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    At this time of the year female cats can be onto their 3rd litters, these kittens are usually under weight and get sick very easily.

    The mother cats have nothing left to give and are in danger of loosing their own lives just to feed their young.

    It is heart breaking to watch them fade away.

    Unfortunately they cost us way more than kittens born earlier in the season, at the moment we are still going through over $20,000 a month.

    Please can you see it in your heart to donate $1 a week to help us out?

    $1 a week might not seem much to you but if even half of the people who like our page did this we would be able to help these poor wee kittens and all the others that keep coming in everyday.

    We need you to care for these kittens as much as we do.

    Kitten Inn

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