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Help for The Kumar Family

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    Matthew asks

    Hi Sasha it's very sad news u r doing fantastic job.hey two things

    1. I am getting trouble to donate as I don't know it's says type valid email ID do u hv the account number

    2.To transfer money to India v can help to do it free at no cost

    God bless RIP Kumar

    on 9 Sep 2017

    • Sasha Rodrigues


      Hi Matthew, sorry for my late reply.

      Do you have a gmail account that you could use? I don't understand why the email address isn't being accepted. I don't have account details for the transfer just yet but if you email your details to me, I can send you some information. My email address is naff9naff at

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    Jenz asks

    This is such a sad situation but would this money be better spent in the impoverished village or on the family ? Is it not possible to have a suitable service in nz and create something lasting in memory such as a health clinic or education fund?

    on 9 Sep 2017

    • Sasha Rodrigues


      Hi Jenz,

      At this stage our priority is to ease the cost on his family as much as possible. On top of the repatriation costs, a traditional funeral for a Hindu goes on for a few days and is quite a substantial financial burden. Raj has zero family here. Everyone lives in India, so having a service here isn't an option. As you can imagine his parents and wife would like him back as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest and support!

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