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Home struck by lightning and burned to the ground

on 29 Sep 2021

Damien asks

Afternoon Matt, I am a news producer for TV3. Our team at The Project want to promote this givealittle page nationwide. Can you please contact me ASAP or call 0274123456 - Thank you for your time.

This question has not been answered yet.

on 28 Sep 2021

Sheryl asks

Hi, how can I donate bedding, tv,s, preserves, canned food etc, very keen to help, plenty of china, cutlery pots pans, airfryer, rice cooker, bbq etc


Hi Sheryl. Many thanks for your kind offer. Sorry for the delay in seeing this question. The family have been overwhelmed with kindness and there is a local response team who have been organising donations etc. Do you mind emailing to see if they need any of these items?

Matt Donehue

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