Home to England to say goodbye to Dad before it is too late.

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The world can be so big when a loved one is dying, please help Niki get home to say goodbye to her father.


Niki, has been an supportive mother to Domanic. Putting him first Always

If you can help Domanic support his mother back to see her father.

From Niki,

May 1987, I waved my dad goodbye, never imagining I would be sitting here 35 years later having never seen him again.

There have been times we haven’t spoken, there are times when we have laughed, there have been times of anger and times of healing and alway always half a world away.

I’ve had finances every now and again to go, yet hurdles have come and gone and I’m still here 35 years on wishing he was only a short drive away.

Recently I received the message I’ve always dreaded that he was in hospital, the flu they said, then pneumonia then bronchitis. I call my dad who says he’s fine, this is also the man who said my aunty was fine and she passed of terminal cancer within 7 days. Old school staunch is my dad, everything and everyone is fine. But he couldn’t hide the wheezing, he couldn’t hold back the coughing fits and he couldn’t hide he was on a nebuliser.

All my suppressed emotions came rushing in, nothing like hearing your dad struggle to breathe to make you realize time is running out, there is no winding the clock back there is only here now, and then I find it doesn’t end here, test are to come heart and lung, my 74 year old dad's body is saying enough is enough, how much time does he have, no one knows he could live to a 100 he could die tomorrow He’s 74 and his body couldn’t handle bronchitis and winter has only just begun.

Natalia Yates' involvement (page creator)

Niki is a dear friend who has always been a support to me. We have lived through earthquakes, her divorce, her solo motherhood and many other things sent to try us. Through everything she has always put her son first. We will be friends always.

Use of funds

Flights for two $7000. Some funds for passports, travel and accommodation $3000.

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Latest update

Niki is on her way!   1 May 2024

Thank you to all the lovely people who helped Niki get to the UK. She is on her way, with her son DM as travel companion. Good luck Niki, enjoy your visit!

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