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Honour The Maunga - Stop the Removal of 345 Exotic Trees from Mt Albert

  • Tupuna Maunga Authority Took Away All Of Our Gear     15 April 2020
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    Honour the Maunga did the right thing and stood down from our tree protection occupation of Owairaka / Mt Albert during Covid Level 4.

    Last night Tupuna Maunga Authority took advantage of our absence by sneaking in under the cover of darkness and taking absolutely everything from our base camp - tents, marquee, tables, chairs...the lot!

    Such non-essential activity is clearly in breach of the level 4 requirement but, yet again, the Authority has shown it thinks it is above the law.

    Fortunately our signs were safely stored off-site so we have put them up so we can retain a presence on the maunga through them.

    Our tents may be gone, but we are most definitely not!

    Honour the Maunga is more committed than ever to saving the trees on Owairaka / Mt Albert - and on other maunga too. Our occupation will continue once Covid requirements permit.

    We are in this for the long-haul so please support our tree-saving cause by donating.

    Many thanks

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  • A chance to tell Tūpuna Maunga Authority that you don't want them to cut down healthy, mature trees on Auckland's maunga     25 February 2020
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    We really appreciate your donation to support Honour the Maunga's tree-saving efforts. So far your generosity has helped us to prevent Tūpuna Maunga Authority from felling 345 trees on Owairaka / Mt Albert. But the trees aren't safe yet!

    You can help stop the Authority from felling nearly 2000 trees on other Auckland’s volcanic cones (maunga) by giving feedback on the Authority’s Draft Operational Plan (i.e. its action plan for the coming year).

    Making a submission is easy and it can be as short – or as detailed – as you like.

    Visit to find out:

    * key dates

    * ways to make a submission

    * important information to include

    Don’t delay, submissions close soon so help save the trees by having your say!

    You can also help by making another donation, which will help fund our efforts to make sure as many people as possible know about the submission process.

    Thank you :-)

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  • Payee bank account changes     8 January 2020

    Please be advised that the bank account details have changed for Honour The Maunga. This is because, as a recently formed grassroots community movement, we have not yet been able to open our own bank account.

    In the meantime, the chartered accounting firm ECOVIS has kindly agreed to receive our Givealittle funds into their trust account until we are able to open our own bank account.

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