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Help us keep the hope-filled message and history of Jesus and his influence within the public's view at Easter, this year and beyond!



The spiritual reasons Easter and Christmas were established as public holidays are being largely overlooked in public media. It, however, remains that many of our nation’s primary values came specifically from this faith. This includes our freedoms of speech and religion, concepts of charity and of the value of all human life, the end of slavery and equality of races, the equality of the genders, democratic forms of Government, education for all, healthcare for all - and more. A tree needs it roots.

Many in our society are struggling to find hope, while this faith offers a uniquely hope-filled view of life. Spirituality is often being downplayed in our society, while we believe it has great value.


Hope Project therefore exists to share messages of hope - mostly (though not only) from a Christian viewpoint. It also exists to maintain awareness and knowledge of our own history as a nation connected with our national values, our biculturalism, and these cultural festivals.

The public website for the project is

The first Hope Project media effort was in 2014. The Easter effort has continued annually since with the exception of 2017.


The tone of the media is deliberately respectful, and hope-filled. Public engagement has been overwhelmingly positive, and considerable in scale. Some find hope. Some are encouraged in faith. Some simply appreciate the history stories. Many local churches find encouragement through the experience also.

- 2023 -

Hope Project’s vision is three public media engagements annually. The Easter media effort will run again at Easter 2023. The Christmas media effort will happen again at the end of the year – with a focus on authentic celebrations inclusive of the Nativity story and imagery. ‘HeLP Project’ is the third and final part of Hope Project. This third annual media effort is in formation stages in 2023.


We need your help to see these messages and stories of hope being shared widely, and positively. We believe this is important. Thank you.

About us

Shining Lights Trust exists to help the wider Church in its work through bringing fresh innovation, strategy and resource to the table. 'Hope Project', '10 Day Challenge' and ‘All Together’ are some of the areas of our work.

Use of funds

These contributions are specific to help fund the Hope Project Easter and Hope Project Christmas annual public media efforts including messages of hope through TV, web and booklets, continuing our well-proven patterns that have succeeded in bringing hope.

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