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Hospital say "there's nothing they can do".

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Winz won't help us and we can't afford the help she needs

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Alot of people suffer with endo, we know its becoming more and more common as time goes on. But how many people can imagine it getting to Alysha's point, her endo is now accompanied with adhesions and scar tissue to the point her organs are all now tethered together forming a web that shows in all scans, like a massive blanket. The endo is inside the walls of her vital organs, which is rare.

She can't eat and drink properly, can't get out of bed and can't interact with her own children. She's screaming in pain everyday and has lost over 25kg now since January.

The pain is so bad she lays in bed everyday screaming in so much pain, I have to carry her everywhere. She has been bleeding for 8months and doctors don't address it nor the losing weight. This diagnosis is a tough one to swallow and as much as it's only verbally said from scan results they will be soon put down on paper ( for those who have complained about my wife's diagnosis).

There is alot going on that I wish I could explain but you will be here reading all night otherwise.

The hospital however say there's nothing they can do as any form of surgery here could end up critical for her while she's on the table and yet will not bring higher specialists in to find a way to help her. SHE IS ONLY 30 YEARS OLD and the hospital will not allow her a quality of life aswel as mistreating her to the point one doc said we should complain. They left her on the floor in hospital crying in pain vomiting and struggling to breathe and a nurse took away her nurse call bell. Told her if she wants help she needs to get up of the ground, bare in mind at this point her kidneys went into acute kidney failure due to what some doctors think was all the pain affecting my diabetes.

They have left her screaming in so much pain that her body was locking up. We have been told there is now no cure and no way to fix and will take her but the pain team are refusing any form of help to make her comfortable.

Her children miss her so much, her daughter cry's every night because she wants to spend time with mum and our son is so unsettled

All we want for Aly is to have help with quality of life, help her to even just be able to interact with her babies..

We are over the mistreatment and we all want her to get the Health care she is entitled to. for myself and her babies to watch her like we do everyday is not ok

Please help us to help my wife.

Alex Lindstrom's involvement (page creator)

I am the husband and full time unsupported care giver of Alysha lindstrom.

Use of funds

We need equipment for her to be mobile and possibly get her to a specialist once we find one willing to help her. These funds may be requested for early release if something comes up that we need for aly ie living costs and all round care for her

Latest update

Hi all  7 April 2020

Posted by: Alex Lindstrom

Just so every one is aware we are requesting funds early to help with the everyday care of aly Through these tough times. I really appreciate everyone's support and for the person who tried to have this page reported, the correct documents have been shown for alys conditions.

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Latest donations

Sandra on 14 Mar 2020
Alex Lindstrom

Thank you so much for your donation we really appreciate your help.

Alex Lindstrom
Sara on 13 Mar 2020
Hoping for the best outcome!
Alex Lindstrom

Hi Sara, thank you so much for your donation our family very much appreciate your help.

Alex Lindstrom
Bree on 10 Mar 2020
Wishing you receive the treatment you deserve! Enquire with the Oxford clinic in Christchurch, they helped me and were fantastic with everything - hopefully they will be able to help x
Alex Lindstrom

Hi Bree, thank you so much for your kind donation your support is very appreciated my wife and I have been put through to a private surgeon who deals in category 5paitents which is Aly falls under only issue it's going to cost a fortune but this surgeon believes he could possibly save my wife's life the first appointment is a few hundred so hopefully we can get the help through everyone's kind donations to hopefully save her life. But will update you when we find out more I will also look into the Oxford Clinic to, thank you so much for your information and help

Alex Lindstrom
Lacarnia on 06 Mar 2020
I hope you get the help you deserve,get better soon x
Jo on 04 Mar 2020
Love and hugs💖

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