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Riding for a Reason - Siobhan to cycle 100km!

  • Auckland is rad.

      21 June 2016
    Main image

    This photo is me grinning on northwestern cycle way - highly recommend the Auckland cycleways, they are seriously incredible. I am grateful for signing up for this ride as I may not have ever discovered these little hidden gems around Auckland otherwise. I can see why people get hooked on this sport as its like a new adventure each time I get on my bike discovering new nooks and seeing the city from a different angle.

    Clocked up some Kms on my bike over the weekend, over 30km on Saturday and my personal record of 63km on Sunday, (it took me all day).

    less than 2 weeks to go and still feeling nervous but a bit more confident and so so grateful for all the amazing support from you all.

    Thank you to everyone who has kindly donated. I hate asking because I know I am always asking for stuff for Unicorn, but I promise you that every dollar donated is cherished and spent only on things that will ultimately help patients with NETs. We are small with low overheads and know how important every dollar is.

    Thanks again for your support, I really really appreciate it.

    Much love, Siobhan xx

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  • A whole new world....

      12 June 2016
    Main image

    The world of cycling was always been quite foreign to me, and I had absolutely no idea where to start. In signing up for this event, I have been very lucky to have some awesome assistance from Will (pictured here measuring me up for a bike) and Emma from Hot Cycles in St Heliers. These guys have demonstrated and explained all the items I needed to get started, including clip in shoes/pedals. Emma has been amazing at encouraging me and building my confidence and only after a couple of weeks I am already really enjoying this whole new world.

    I already view the roads differently, including when I'm driving around taking mental notes of cycle paths and which roads have ample space to ride. I find myself quickly working out the Kms I have biked and planning my next ride....I am getting insight to why people get hooked on this sport. Trying to find time to get out is pretty tricky with a young family so will have to drag my bum out of bed into the cold for some early starts this week! Thanks for the support, means so much to me. I will update again.

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