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Island Bay Residents Association Judicial Review against WCC for Cycleway, our fight for democracy.

  • Update on Judicial Review     11 July 2019
    Posted by: Island Bay Residents Association
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    Unfortunately the Court ruled in favour of WCC despite a very good case by IBRA.

    We had the opportunity to appeal the decision, and would have appealed on safety grounds. Sadly we did not have the funds to cover an appeal. The WCC advised us that if we did not appeal they would not go for costs.

    A decision was made at a community meeting not to appeal, but to continue the fight via other avenues, as democracy and what those, that submitted in large numbers, want has not been achieved. See results from Council submission process in Graph 1 below. Roadside and option E were clearly what Island Bay asked for.

    We will continue to raise funds to pay our final legal bill.

    The money raised via Give a little and through donations paid directly into the bank account has been used to pay for the Council OIA costs, expert witnesses and legal costs.

    We thank all our existing and future donors, while we continue the fight.

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