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Island Bay Community Judicial Review

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This money is to fund the community's judicial Review of cycleways

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Legal Neighbourhoods

The Island Bay community have voted against the councils current plan for cycleways as they are not safe, will ruin the look and feel of Island Bay amongst many other reasons.

This money will be put in a trust to fund the Judicial Review to stop the cycleway. Trustees are not the people working directly with the lawyers.

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I am an Island Bay resident working with the lawyers.

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Island Bay Community Judicial Review

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Island Bay Community Judicial review of Cycleway on behalf of Island Bay Community Judicial Review.

“All the best for your challenge to this travesty of democracy.”
“Well Done Democratic Voice of Island Bay. Thank you so much for being brave enough to speak up for our community!!! We are in awe of you!! You Rock!!! p.s. This is a munted idea!! Good Luck and know that we are rallying the troops for you!!!”
“Thank God for you people. Would have been nice, if residents of Island Bay were or felt like we were part of the conversation or consultation, instead they sent us dictators (council officers) armed with cycling lobbyist - preaching to us what they think is best for us, not listening or in fact even slightly interested in our conversations or concerns and proposed plans already set wasted residents time, our community has been treated in a disgraceful manner all at the hand of our Mayor and her soliders. Would have been nice to have consultation with no hidden agenda or preconceived plans. My neighbors and I didn't submit as we felt like the council already had made up their minds, were rude and not prepared to listen. Deaf ears. The council officers at the open days were pushing their ideas onto us as if we were zombies with no real minds of our own. We live here, we drive here, we walk here, and we cycle here ASK US, REALLY ASK US, we can tell you how our beautiful Parade works. Shame that it has now come to this, a community, left bickering over this cycleway plan, neighbors, friends divided, all in the name of a Mayors legacy, nice work.”
“I strongly support those opponents of the cycle way as it is planned.”
“I am really disappointed that one of our ward councillors voted for the cycleway. He will not be getting my vote on the next election.”
“I am all for cycle ways. However, the way this has been rammed through makes a mockery of the Community Engagement process and policy the Council has, and, is un-democratic by it's very nature. That's why I am donating. Not to stop a cycle way, but to protest the lack of democracy and engagement. PS You'll notice I used my real name rather than making nasty comments from a veil of anonymity.”
“With confirmation from Kevin Lavery the Island Bay cycle wayl lies untested by the formula in the Cycling Framework now a legal council document, leaves us unclear on whether it meets the criteria that; " It will be safer than what we have now". NZTA declined funding Stage 1 in Island Bay after applying their own formula that deemed it safe in its current state, providing reasonable service levels for cyclists. The Minister for Transport Hon Simon Bridges urged the Council to commit resources towards sections where safety lacks, and poor service levels for cyclists exists specifically between Dee Street and the CBD. In addition this plan has effectively over ruled the WCC Bus Priority Plan 2007 and Island Bay will never benefit from any Bus Rapid Transit programs.”
“$1 is a small price to pay to publicly call for the same transparency you accuse others of not providing. Stop hiding behind a thin veil of claims you represent the Island Bay community. You do not, and never have. You need to get out from within your small cohort and listen to the views of the wider community. A large part of the community did not participate in any voting because of apathy. That does not make their desire for a cycleway invalid.”
“Hi. I am a confused Island Bay resident. I don't really understand why this cycleway still has not been built. I really want it to be built that I can cycle to the dairy with my kids or Shorland Park to spend some quality family time. With the existing cycle way layout on The Parade. I simply cannot do this.. Why can't we stop the argument? The earlier we get it built, the earlier the cycleway will benefit the community. My neighbours told me a few of you took the case to the ombudsman. Can you please let us know what the result is? I think if you claim to speak for the "majority" of this community, surely we should be able to know about this? Thank you.”
“Hi. Just wondering if you have any convincing evidence that you are actually behind a "silent majority" instead of a noisy complainers? What is your claim based on? Also a question regarding how the money will be spent - who is managing the donated money and would you ensure the money is well spent. As far as I understand, so many fundraisings ended up with individuals pocketing the raised funds.”
  • $3,723.00 donated
  • 38 generous donors

$3,723 donated

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