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NEW Alternative Treatment, Jackie's only hope to beat MSA/C. - Updates - Givealittle

  • New Hope! Some time this year.     7 January 2019

    No one knows how much of the previous treatments were able to cross the blood brain barrier. Some must have crossed the barrier because Jackie experienced some benefit. For the best results the stem cells need to be put where the problem is. In Jackie's case putting the stem cells in the cerebella is not possible because of the dangers associated.

    Presently putting stem cell in the the spinal/brain fluid is not advised due to undesirable side effects.

    Now there is work being done to modify the stem Cells so they won't cause side effecs if introduced in to the spinal fluid. The reasoning is that since the brain is bathed in the spinal fluid stem cels will surely will have access to the ailing cerebella.

    Presently these cells are not available but are expected later this year.

    When they become available I would like your help to give Jackie treatment with this new cells.

    I will keep you updated when they become available.


    Bill Anderson

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  • Update November 2018     12 November 2018

    My Sincere apologies for this late update about Jackie

    Jackie in the last month has become weak. Though she is still healthy, looks good, has a good appetite and is in no pain.  Her memory and cognition are very good.  

    No one knows  why the cerebella is atrophying.   The cerebella is not able to properly process the signals needed to activate muscles.  For example balance, eye focus, speech, hand and leg movement,  something we all do automatically. Being weaker, Jackie finds it impossible to get around on her own.  Presently we move Jackie around in a wheelchair. The swivel leather chair in the lounge is very comfortable.  This is where she spend most of her day.

    We are still waiting for the researchers to finish an extensive  comparison and evaluation of Jackie’s recent MRI and an MRI of four years prior.   From this and blood test comparisons they might be able to tell if these experimental Stem Cell Treatments did definitely help regenerate neurones in the cerebella.   I think the treatments did improve Jackie's health and improve her quality of life.   Prior to the treatments, Jackie was in steep decline.   The decline was halted and she had many good months with no change, it is only in the last month that Jackie has become weak.

    Presently, besides caring for Jackie I keep our cafe, Espresso To Go, ticking over. At home, I'm chief cook and housekeep.  I have been give high marks for the meals I prepare and praise for the care I provide.  For now, being comfortable and eating well are all that we can do for Jackie.

    Thanks to all of you for your contributions towards the experimental stem cell treatments. I am so very happy we tried. There might be other things we might try but for now, I don't know what they might be..


    Bill Anderson

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  • TO HELP WITH RESEARCH     5 June 2018

    Further Update and an Appeal for your assistance!

    We are appealing to help fund further expensive tests! So we can continue to aid with research, by having a second MRI and recent blood samples analyzed. Comparing before and after results, should shed more light on the successfulness of stem cell treatments for people with neurodegenerative disorders. Unfortunatley these blood tests are only done in research facilities and are very expensive.

    In the past an MRI showed shrinkage of Jackie’s Cerebella.

    In theory, since Jackie is improving we should see signs that the Cereballa has less shrinkage and is getting better. Also many blood samples have been analyzed for inflamation and stem cell activity in the neurological system.

    Jackie continues to make improvements, with fewer tremors, more strength, bettter control of her arms and legs and clearer voice. We are very please with her progress after her three experimental stem cell treatments, You’ll remember, last year, we were told there is no hope, nothing could be done. At this point it seems we are proving them wrong.

    For now we wait. We are told that others have seen significant improvements in 3 to 9 months after treatments. So in December Jackie should be much, much better. What a wonderful Christmas Present!

    Your help with a donation will really be appreciated.

    Sincerely, Bill Anderson

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  • Third treatment      28 May 2018
    Main image

    On 19th of April, Jackie had her third Stem Cell Treatment. There were four others having stem cell treatments too.

    We have been told by the research lab in Colorado that others who have had their treatments prior to Jackie having hers showed great improvements 3 to6 months after their third treatment.

    To date it has been six weeks since Jacjie had her third and last treatment. We are seeing improvements. She is stronger, finding it easier to move to and from her wheelchair. Left hand is steady, right hand is better but still a little unsteady. Overall, her strength is better. We are encouraged!

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  • Jackie's Second Stem Cell Treatment     11 March 2018

    On 2nd March Jackie had her second of three recommended Stem Cell treatments. Her progress is moving steadily in a positive direction. Besides her speech being clearer she is more confident, finds it easier to move around and is able to get on to her exercise bike with no assistance.

    The 2nd of March is a RED letter day because two other people had their first stem cells treatment. We wish them the same success.

    Please spread the word of Jackie's progress and the need for help fund these treatments. Your donation is appreciated!

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  • 25 February Update     25 February 2018

    We are so excited because we are seeing signs that indicate improvement.

    Yesterday Jackie was able climb on to her exercycle. In the past assistance was required.

    This morning, during breakfast, Jackie told me that she found it much easier getting out of bed. It wasn't as easy only a few days ago.

    Please spread the wordw, we still need help making Jackie's second treatment possible.

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  • Speech therapist sees improvement!! 14 February     16 February 2018

    Jackie has been seeing a speech therapist at the Waikato Hospital. Now most sessions are done online and last one hour.

    At her most recent session, the therapist commented that there were definite improvements.

    This is another small indication that the treatments are helping.

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  • Others are confident too!     8 February 2018

    Others are bringing these same stem cell in to Matamata. They have offered to bring Jackie's second treatment in with theirs. This is a wonderful offer which will save us the expensive courier fees.

    To take advantage of this money saving offer we need to raise funds faster since it will arrive three weeks earlier than originally planned.

    We need to move fast. Your help will make this possible.


    Bill Anderson

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  • UPDATE AS OF 6 February     5 February 2018

    This boring Jackie was able to hold her tea cup with one hand and drink without shaking and slopping.

    This is progress. Something not possible just last month.

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  • UPDATE 2 February.     5 February 2018

    Jackie is not getting worse. I see small signs of improvement. Last night I had my hair trimmed. Jackie use scissors, she hasn't lost her magic touch.

    We must get Jackie her second of three treatments by mid-March. Your help will make this possible.

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  • UPDATE for Jackie's progress as of January     5 February 2018

    On 8th January - Jackie received the first of three Stem Cell Transplants. As expected there were no side effects. 24 hours later she felt stronger and more energetic, this was short lived as predicted.


    Per treatment, Jackie receives 100 million allogeneic, umbilical cord-derived MSCs

    The lab is optimistic that Jackie will feel an improvement. Since every person responds differently the wait can be 3 to 8 weeks.

    So, for now. we wait. I have noticed that her speech is clearer, thus easier for me to understand.

    My Challange, now is to get the money required for her second treatment in Mid March 2018.

    Your help with this is necessary and definitely appreciated.

    As things change I will be keeping everyone updated. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU THAT HAVE HELPED WITH HER FIRST TREATMENT !!

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