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Janelle Penjueli 7th April 1973 - 17 May 2018

Cause page created in the Health category by Natasha Lee for "Janelle and her three Daughters, Georgia, Becky & Missy"

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Janelle has stage 4 bowel cancer that has spread. She has been given two short months with her girls & Whanau. They all deserve more.

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Janelle was given two short months, at best, when we created this page. With the continuous outpouring of love & support, gifts & donations, Janelle struggled though everyday, just to get a little bit more time.

Janelle died of bowel cancer almost 11 months to the day she got diagnosed, leaving behind a grieving family and friends, a whole community. But most importantly, her three beautiful children.

Georgia (13), Rebecca (11) and Myrissa (8).

This page's cause is to continue to honor Janelle's strength, courage and bravery but to also raise funds to help support Janelle's three daughters into the future.

Please donate where you can. And go get screened.

Thank you.


“Inoperable, at best 2 months” Please help Janelle Penjueli, mother of three beautiful young girls, in her mission to have a future with her girls, whanau and friends.

Janelle was told she probably had irritable bowel syndrome and should manage her diet better. After presenting herself to the A&E in severe pain, she was told she was constipated.

A few days later, the bomb shell was dropped. Janelle’s world was turned upside down. Janelle was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer.

The emergency surgery was done which removed over a foot and a half of her bowel and an ovary. While Janelle awaited the biopsy results, her health deteriorated. Janelle had a massive infection in her spine as a result of the epidural inserted for her surgery. Janelle was now not only battling the Big C, but a hospital infection as well.

“Cancer” took a back seat as Janelle underwent surgery of her spine to clean it out of infection. At this point, the infection was scarier than the cancer.

Weeks past as Janelle battled the infection, while they tried to find the right antibiotic to kick this infection butt.

The Big C was still in the back seat. Janelle was too weak to even consider treatment for the cancer, the battle field was the infection.

While Janelle battled the infection, Cancer rallied its troops and spread to other battle fields. Janelles cancer metastasised, spread, to her pelvic area. It was aggressive, angrier and badder than ever before.

The prognosis – “Inoperable mass in pelvic area. Go home with pain medication. You have, at best, two months.”

The odds are against Janelle, but we just aren’t ready to give up, like the medical profession has. Janelle wants time. Janelle wants to live. Janelle wants to beat this. Janelle wants to see her three daughters become women. Janelle wants her future back.

What Janelle needs is your help. Janelle needs to seek alternative treatments. Janelle needs her whanau to be with her, not stressed financially. If the worst happens, Janelle needs to know her girls will be “ok”.

Janelle, former Police Woman, Hair Dresser, devoted mother and Christian, who gives, gives gives. This time Janelle needs the kindness of her friends, family and strangers to give her, and her girls, the best chance of the future that they deserve.

Every cent from the Givealittle campaign will go towards Janelle’s fight and her and her girls future.

Help Janelle get her future back by donating. Every cent counts.

All the funds from the very much appreciated and generous donations will go towards Janelle's treatment and if there is anything left over, towards Georgia, Becky and Missy's futures.

Page created by:

Natasha Lee


I'm involved because I am whanau, I am a friend, I am a mother, sister, aunty and I cannot stand by and give nothing to a woman that gives everything.

All funds raised benefit:

Janelle and her three Daughters, Georgia, Becky & Missy

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Natasha Lee on behalf of Janelle and her three Daughters, Georgia, Becky & Missy.

  • $48,183.54 donated
  • 428 generous donors

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