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Jemima's wish is to raise awareness and money for paediatric brain cancer research and clinical trials.



To all our wonderful friends, poets, uplifters, supporters, wordsmiths and contributors — it is with a heavy heart to let you know Jemima's Incredible Journey on earth has come to an end.

She passed away peacefully this evening and she wanted to let you all know that she is finally cured and free. She is dancing through the heavens, laughing and full of joy in her return to pure energy.

With our most sincere gratitude and love — please know every one of you have made the final chapter her greatest triumph. Her legacy will live on.

With the deepest gratitude and love, The Gazley Fam xxx



A week ago when I wrote the story of Jemima's Incredible Journey, we didn't know her life was about to change, again, and this time for the positive.

This raise has given Jemima a legacy she didn't know was waiting for her. It's given meaning to the senseless. Power and hope where there wasn't much before.

Sadly, Jemima's health took an unexpected turn this morning and she is unconscious at home, surrounded by her family, and supported by doctors / nurses from Mary Potter Hospice. While she's not in pain, we don't expect her to see Matt receive the funds — however, she is aware of the rough amount that has been raised and has been read almost every message that was sent.

Thank you for every kind word, thought, prayer, dollar and cent. You've helped this girl change the world. She was both flying and floored at the energy you've all shared with her. What a special gift we have shared this week.

We are deeply grateful to each of you, and as many of you have said; well and truly proud of what Jemima has achieved with her 'work on earth'.

With our most sincere gratitude — Oliver and Ray, Theo and Rudy, Jemima and Pumpkin x


People say life can change in an instant — for our daughter, Jemima, it was a week...

Jemima went from being a regular teenager on Monday, to having a headache on Tuesday, then vomiting on Wednesday — by the end of the week, she was in hospital, diagnosed with a Stage 4 brain cancer.

Because of the tumours' location in the brainstem, and growth like a spiderweb (not a solid tumour) the cancer is inoperable and incurable. They don't know why it happens, but the result is consistently 'the worst' for every kid who is unlucky enough to get it.

Jem has fought hard to remain stable. She endured 30 shots (6 weeks) of radiation in an attempt to knock back the tumours' growth, we imported a first-of-kind chemotherapy from Germany, she went to Auckland every 3 weeks for anti-cancer IV infusions, took CBD and THC oils (this part not entirely unpleasant) amongst so many other pokes, tests, scans, numerous hospital clinics and necessary drugs.

Sadly, these medicines are no longer working as well as they did, and the cancer has started growing again. So we're hoping to make some of her dreams a reality, and here's one of them...

Throughout this year we've met new and amazing people — including some doctors who are fighting to find a cure for this disease. One person in particular is the Associate Professor of Newcastle University in Sydney, Australia — Dr Matt Dun. He has been supportive and knowledgable, quick to email back, answer his phone and is always willing to give us advice. He has his own heartbreaking story of how this disease affected his family (Google him if you have 5 minutes).

Jem's wish is to donate some of her own savings to Matt's research and clinical trials to make this cancer history and improve the treatment pathway and outcome for kids. We'd like to be able to cut a cheque to Matt's charitable organisation with her name on it — and perhaps you'd like to contribute to this amount with her.

If you thought you'd send flowers, or a meal, or a card later — please don't. Do this instead so she can enjoy it.

Use of funds

Your contribution will combine with Jemima's personal savings to go to Matt Dun's brain cancer research and clinical trials.

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NZD$50,000 direct donation  13 October 2021

For Dr Matt Dun to complete research and progress a cure for DIPG brain cancer. Donated in Jemima Gazley’s name by unnamed family friends.

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Alex 1 min ago
We have to find a cure for this disease. Love from the Farquhar's
Sue 1 hour ago
Pam and Peter
Pam and Peter 1 hour ago
Finn Magnussen
Finn Magnussen 2 hours ago
Thinking of you Oliver Kind regards Finn Magnussen and family
Maria 3 hours ago
Love always to beautiful Jemima and to you all. Maria & Paul x

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