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Enable Jessica's scoliosis treatment.

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Jessica needs life changing treatment for a debilitating condition of her spine.

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Jessica is 16 years old and was diagnosed with ‘Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis’ in September 2015. ‘Scoliosis’ is a condition that means the spine is abnormally curving (when you look front on to a person) and rotating. ‘Idiopathic’ means it is a type of scoliosis in which the underlying cause has not been identified.

After much research Jessica is confronted with 2 possible treatments.

The first is a wait-and-see approach: wait to see how big the curve gets, and if it reaches 45-50 degrees perform surgery - an operation called a ‘scoliosis spinal fusion’. A spinal fusion would not completely straighten her spine and there would be a permanent restriction of movement in her back as a result of the surgery.

The second treatment option is to proactively seek to address the cause of the scoliosis, as well as implement as soon as possible a range of physical therapies to straighten the spine long term and non-surgically.

While we wait-and-see, Jess is enduring constant discomfort and pain and finding it increasingly difficult to do many of the simple things a girl of her age can do, such as carry a school bag or stand up for more than a minute or two.

We have chosen to take the path of the second treatment, which can divert the need for surgery if we act quickly now before Jess reaches skeletal maturity. We only have a small window of time before it will be too late as Jess passes through adolescence.

We have found a clinic in San Francisco, USA who specialises in cases like Jessica’s. See and click on ScoliAcademy.

We need to visit the ScoliAcademy immediately for up to 3 weeks, then again in another 3 to 4 months time for a week. Apart from the clinic visits, Jessica will have to dedicate the next few years to disciplined therapy at home every day with specialised equipment and wear a brace. Jessica is determined to work hard to do whatever she can to straighten her spine without surgery.

Your help will enable us to meet the ScoliAcademy fees, the specialised testing, the equipment we will need at home for therapies, air travel, accommodation and related expenses for Jessica and her mum to travel to San Franciso.

The initial Urgent requirement for her treatment is $47,000 with follow-up costs of $19,000 - Total $66,000.

We would also like to bring publicity to this condition to help support the families affected by it as so little is known in the general public.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your help.

Please see to track her journey.

Latest donations

  • Mark B

    Mark B on 20 Apr 2017


    This wee donation is well overdue and I hope it helps a little. All the best to Jessica. Kia kaha.


  • Dorothy

    Dorothy on 30 Mar 2017


    Hope it all goes well.


    • Mark & Jacqueline Lawson

      Dorothy, thank you so much for your help with Jessica's scoliosis treatment! It is very much appreciated. Best wishes, Jacqueline Lawson.

  • Kiran Kuruvilla

    Kiran Kuruvilla on 20 Mar 2017


    Hope this helps a little bit! <3


    • Mark & Jacqueline Lawson

      Hi Kiran Thanks so much for your kind donation to help Jessica's scoliosis treatment in America. Really really appreciated - every bit counts! Kind regards Jacqueline (Jessica's Mum).

  • Tuppalicious

    Tuppalicious on 19 Jan 2017


    Hi Jess, This is proceeds form the Tupperware Raffle. I sold tickets at CHS. Lots of support for you. Hope all is well xox


  • Tupperware Raffle - Kelly Devoy

    Tupperware Raffle - Kelly Devoy on 22 Nov 2016


    Raffle tickets are selling well :) A bit more $$ for you...


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Nobody will drive the need of a child like their parents. As Jessicas parents, we are responsible for taking the lead on providing the best care we can for her. This page is to help us, help her in the best way we can.

All funds raised benefit

Jessica Lawson

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Mark & Jacqueline Lawson on behalf of Jessica Lawson.

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“Tickets selling well!”
“Day 2...another $50!”
“Here's the first of the raffle donations! Day 1!”
“Hang in there Jess, good progress”
“Sending out our best wishes to you guys. xx”
“With best wishes and admiriration of your courage and strength.”
“Good luck Jessica. We are sure the treatment you will receive will help you. See you when you return.”
“Go for it Jessica! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love Steve and Jo”
“Super effort guys. Thinking of you all x”
“All the best guys. Xx”
$7,843 donated

Given by 53 generous donors in over a year


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