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Jonni's Road To Recovery

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Please help my brother on his long road to recovery from a broken neck

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Friends and family

On 12th of June, my brother Jonni broke his neck in a cycling accident and sustained injuries in his C5 vertebrae. The accident left him paralysed from the chest down. He will have to relearn how to use his hands (and hopefully legs!) again through intense rehabilitation. Doctors think he will never walk again but Jonni doesn't agree with that.

Unfortunately, there is no treatment which will completely reverse the spinal cord damage. Medical care is focused on preventing further damage to the spinal cord and utilization of remaining function. Physical therapy is an important part of recovery to retain use of non-affected areas of the body as well as those directly affected by the damage done to the spinal cord. Many people who experience a cervical spinal cord injury will require permanent, 24-hour care for the remainder of their lives.

Money concerns are causing Jonni a lot of stress and worry and I wish we can get him to fully focus on rehab and recovery. With your help we can show him that this journey is absolutely worth fighting for and what better way than relieving his anxiety and concerns about how much all treatments and care will end up costing now and in the future.

It absolutely breaks my heart that he has to go through such traumatic life changing experience at 25 years of age, I wish I could make things better for him. While being all the way over in New Zealand and with no possibility to return to Finland, raising funds for his recovery is how I can help. I want to do my best to ensure that he will lead a fulfilling life and be able to have as much independency as possible.

Any donations big or small are greatly appreciated. I will personally take care that all funds raised go straight to Jonni's recovery and medical expenses.

Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart xx

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Use of funds

He will need assistance with medical bills in general, costs of rehabilitation/therapy and adaptive equipment. I have enquired a few organisations for an estimate of all costs and will list them here as soon as I get the information.

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Thank you!  6 July 2020

Posted by: Sohvi Makinen

Hi everyone,

Just wanted so say a massive thank you for your kind donations xx

We have been blown away by the support and generosity of you all. It's been amazing to see everyone coming together for a good cause.

Thanks to you, Jonni has been in good spirits since last week and have made some great progress with his hands. Jonni is now able to use his phone with a lot of patience and a stylus pen. These are amazing news and we are so glad he can now receive messages although writing back is still a difficult task.

And because of your donations, Jonni doesn't have to worry about medical bills for a while. This is a big relief and he's so grateful for all your help. He can now focus on getting back on his feet.

Again, huge thanks to everyone who donated to support my brother xx means the world to me

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Jonna on 10 Sep 2020
Kaarina on 31 Aug 2020
Kalkkikset lähettää terveiset!
Tuitufu brothers
Tuitufu brothers on 10 Aug 2020
Jonna on 05 Aug 2020
Markus on 04 Aug 2020
Good luck Jonni. Hope you will get healthy soon. ❤

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