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Kai Boxes & Christmas hope for vulnerable kids in the Far North

  • THANK YOU TVNZ Breakfast and all of you!

      10 November 2023
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    It's not ok when kids ask for hair shampoo and conditioner for Christmas. It's not ok when grandparents are raising moko and ask for school stationery for Christmas. It's not ok when families are living in sheds with no electricity or running water in Aotearoa.

    But this is real.

    And YOUR support makes a real difference.

    Not only will these families receive a huge Kai Box and gifts for the tamariki, but they'll be delivered by people who care-from Iwi Social Services, Police, Plunket, Hospice additional care and support is wrapped around the the whānau. That's part of the magic of how we roll here at Bald Angels. We don't just give out- we wrap around. YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE! And it ALL goes directly to tamariki in need- that's a promise.

    If you'd like to see the interview with our Angel Mama and Matty go to BREAKFAST Facebook page 10 November 2023 (or On Demand)

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