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Kaipara Community Association Fights Tegel Foods 9 Million Bird Factory Farm

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Support the Kaipara Community Assoc to fight Tegel Foods and their 9 million birds a year factory farm. They really need our help.

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Kaipara Community Association believe that the Tegel Factory will negatively effect the community and are fighting the construction of a mega factory farm to be built in the heart of their community. This factory farm, although free range, will house 1.3 million birds at any one time or up to 9 million a year. The birds will be transported from Dargaville to Henderson in Auckland on a regular basis with as much as 40 tonne of manure being burnt on site each day.

The factory farm is so large, it will affect the entire community, and large parts of the Kaipara environment. The main noticable effects will be a pungent odour coming from the farm, this may extend for many kilometers. The large number of buildings will be visable from many locations, including Te Kopuru, Maungaraho and Arapohue. Increased traffic 24/7 and contamination of air and water.

These free range birds will live short lives before they are crated like cabbages and driven for two and a half hours to the processing plant in Auckland.

Fighting a giant like Tegel Foods will be neigh on impossible without our support. Please help the Kaipara Community Association keep their gorgeous community as they intended and support them with an affordable donation.

Use of Funds:

All donations will be used for lawyers and expert witnesses at the hearing to oppose the Tegel Foods application to construct and establish a free range broiler farm at 5763 and 5802 State Highway 12 Arapohue, Dargaville

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Peta Berry


I am eager to help the Kaipara Community Association fight Tegel Foods plans to build a mega factory farm that will house and slaughter 9 million birds a year. This is in the heart of the community and will degrade their much loved way of life and beautiful landscape.

All funds raised benefit:

Kaipara Community Association Incorporated

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Peta Berry on behalf of Kaipara Community Association Incorporated.

“This must not happen!”
“Currently doing a geography research project on the future of poultry farming in New Zealand, the facts our on your side! Best of luck for this amazing cause, Kia Kaha 💖”
“Stop the cruelty that Tegal is responsible for. Animals Rights Matter.”
“I hope others donate and help you live the life your entitled to and not have corporate greed destroy it!”
“Kia kaha Kaipara community. Some projects should not get consent, ever. But you will need your experts so hoping this helps.”
“You can do this! We will help :)”
  • $4,705.62 donated
  • 96 generous donors

$4,706 donated



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