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Bariatric Surgery needed as an Intervention

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This is my beautiful cousin, Brenda Warren. Many of you would be following her Ka Pai Me, 700 day weightloss journey on Facebook. You will also know that she has been blatantly honest about her trials and tribulations.

Those of us that understand addictions to food, or addictions in general, will know that the "head stuff" or thought patterns are the hardest things to shift when fighting for change. And if you have been fighting for as long as my cousin has, you will also know that dealing with the "head stuff" becomes the constant in your is incredibly energy zapping and reduces you to tears - sometimes on a daily basis....

...but then you become good at playing the overweight clown that everyone loves to love and everything is right in the world again....until you enter a room that contains chairs that will only hold the weight of someone 100 kgs or you make out that you prefer to sit on the floor....and spend the remainder of the gathering feeling less than zero...

Events like the one described above are a daily occurrence for my cousin...I witnessed this very thing happen to her recently....

Some of you will know that she was steadily loosing kg after kg through healthy eating and exercise....the natural euphoria experienced when eating properly becomes habitual is what got her through the headspace was text book weight loss through positive change...

Her friends and family stood by to watch her confidence take proud we were when she crossed the finish line at the 2015 Christchurch City 2 Surf fun walk/run earlier this year....

Check out her interview on Campbell Live here:

But the euphoria was short lived...during an indoor netball game, Brenda snapped her Achilles. The result was devastating to her regime of regular exercise....but the worse was yet to come...the "Head stuff" moved back in and within a very short time, so did food addiction...

She then applied for funding for Bariatric Surgery...Surgery to aid her weight loss by reducing the size of the stomach through applying a gastric band or removing a portion of her stomach. Funding was declined....

We can all sit back and conclude that things have not gone to plan for her...and that she should keep trying to shift the weight naturally....but the headspace stuff keeps do the well wishing, sometimes overbearing comments to try the next weight loss system on the market....

A divine intervention by way of surgery will give her the life that food addiction stole from her at a very young age...

Please give my cousin this chance to change....

Kia ora ra...

Michelle Manuel

Michelle Manuel's involvement (page creator)

I am involved because I want my cousin to's quite simple really ;-)

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Thank you   9 December 2015

Posted by: Michelle Manuel

Just a quick note to thank Kurt Bayer from the NZ Herald for the fantastic article. We appreciate kind and realistic nature of this write-up that clearly demonstrates her struggles. Nga mihi ki a koe

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    You are a true inspiration to all


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$2,555 of $25,000 goal

Given by 63 generous donors in one year

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