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Help Kate fight a very rare auto immune disease

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Help Kate Robson through her treatment.

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Kate is a beautiful 13 year old that has suddenly developed a very rare form of Limbic Encephalitis.

Her body is producing extremely rare antibodies that are attacking her brain, tests have been sent to both Australia and the UK, with no conclusive answers to date.

Kate shaved her hair off in 2014 to raise money for cancer, and in an ironic twist of fate, Kate now needs our help.

The damage to Kates brain is causing psychosis, with constant headaches and short term memory loss.

She has had Steroids, IVIG and 5 blood plasmapheresis exchanges and is now undergoing a type of chemotherapy that is being used to hopefully strip her system of these antibodies, and her immune system is now totally suppressed.

Unfortunately not all of this is guaranteed to be funded and there are ongoing costs associated with Kate's treatment. Any assistance given to Deb and Kate to make things a little easier financially will go a long way towards helping them.

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I am a friend.

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Kate's Journey to date.  17 March 2015

Posted by: Jo Griffin

Kate is continually fighting this horrible condition. She is unable to attend school daily, currently she manages about two to three half days a week.

Most days she struggles to get out of bed and at least two days of the week she just can not do it !

Starship have said after blood transfusions, IVIG, and Chemo treatments we do not see any improvement, so we will leave your body to heal itself ??

That is something we are not prepared to do.

Through extensive research we are now on to three absolutely amazing practitioners who have put Kate on IV Vitamin C and working with the enormous amount of toxicity in her system.

Within two weeks of this new treatment for Kate we are seeing an improvement, its still a long road ahead but they are confident they can heal Kate, which is what we all need to hear, not only hear but see, and we are, very slowly. We feel we are on our way to recovery.

This is currently costing $750.00 per this treatment is not seen as main stream medical care.

To date this is the only form of treatment that is helping with her brain swelling and 24/7 excruciating headaches.

We are so very very thankful and so very appreciative of all your kind donations, because right now with out your donations, we could not afford to continue this treatment .

Lots of love , and heart felt thanks xxxxxxxx

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Latest donations

Fi Lynch
Fi Lynch on 18 May 2015
Caroline Kennedy
Caroline Kennedy on 12 May 2015
Jo Griffin

Thank you Caroline you lovely lady xx

Jo Griffin
Boxing Alley  -  Parnell
Boxing Alley - Parnell on 12 May 2015
May-Pac fundraiser Class for Kate
Jo Griffin

WOW Boxing Alley !!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do we thank our Boxing Alley Family enough. Sundays class was absolutely amazing, it was so nice to see Kate stand up and thank everyone with tears in her eyes. You will never know how much this means to all of us We love you all Kate , Deb and Dale xxxx

Jo Griffin
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 11 May 2015
Jo Griffin

Thank you so much for your donation to help Kate. We wish we knew who you were to give you a big hug xx

Jo Griffin
Nicci Warren-Wright
Nicci Warren-Wright on 24 Apr 2015
Love Nicci Warren-Wright and Sean of the fabulous wild west that is perth xxxxxxxxx
Jo Griffin

Thank you our wonderful friends out there somewhere in the Wild West Can't wait to see you when you are home Lots of Love Kate xxxx

Jo Griffin

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