Keeping up with the Joneses

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Buying this beautiful family invaluable TIME - so Harrison always remembers his Dad.


Keeping up with the Joneses....

2020 has been one out of the bag for us all but this year will forever hold a lot of painful memories for the Joneses ....... Josh was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer (which has spread to his liver & lungs) mere days before our nation went into lockdown.

The palliative chemo has bought Josh, Sarah & Harrison time, such precious time, but it’s effectiveness is exhausted and has come to a close.. a diagnosis of terminal cancer with 10 months to live is devastating at any age but at 36 with a wife and toddler it’s even harder to digest...Josh’s will to fight and live has only ever been about his beautiful 2 year old son Harrison remembering his Dad and his endless love for Sarah his wife.

The family took the opportunity to do some treatment called Cetuximab which was not funded, using funds from this page. Sadly, Josh's tumour perforated and has caused a catastrophic infection in his pelvis. He had emergency surgery to try to buy more time but he has limited time left now. Any leftover/new funds raised by this page will be used to ensure that Josh and his family don't need Sarah to work or worry about money at this time.

It’s taken a lot of courage for these guys to accept my offer to create this page. They have no expectations just hoping sharing this will buy them a little more time ..

They appreciate it more than words can ever portray ....

Thank you from the Joneses and the people who love them 💖

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Use of funds

Treatment, pain management and anything else that arises as Josh’s health deteriorates

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IMPORTANT UPDATE   17 February 2021

Posted by: Sarah McCormick


The last week has bought with it a turn of events that mean Cetuximab (the treatment to give Josh some more time) is no longer an ongoing option. 😔

This is due to Josh needing unexpected emergency surgery. His system will not be able to cope with a chemo type treatment after MAJOR surgery.

Therefore, Josh and Sarah will no longer be needing funding for the treatment.

However, this situation would be helped if Sarah can be available for Josh and Harrison whenever required, and not having the pressure of having to work a 40 hour week + 8 hours travel time at this time.

We have a very small window of opportunity here team, let’s make this really count for them ......💖💖

Any questions please feel free to fire away 🥰

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Our thoughts are with you all xxxxx
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Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. xoxo

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