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Climate change is occurring at a speed previously thought impossible - we're running out of time. There’s a genuine sense of alarm among climate scientists, politicians and the public alike. At the UN climate summit in Copenhagen this December, world leaders could set us on the path of positive change, or lock the planet into catastrophic, irreversible climate change

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Greenpeace acts to change attitudes and behaviour, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace by catalysing an energy revolution, defending our oceans and creating a global network of marine reserves, protecting the world’s ancient forests, working for disarmament and peace, creating a toxic free future and supporting sustainable agriculture by encouraging socially and ecologically responsible farming practices.

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The Darby Barbie  9 October 2009

Just a quick post to let you know therefs something we didnft tell you about Rhys Darby ? hefs really good with sausages. And hefll be hosting a Sign On BBQ in Newmarket on Saturday whichHe's calling it the 'Darby Barbie'. ""Some say I'm pretty handy on the barbie after two years working as a BBQ sales technician. So I'd like to prove this in order to get Mr. John Key to the ball. Come along and witness a classic Darby Barbie, bring your gumboots and sunnies and support Sign ON. Don't be a silly sausage, buy one off one!""- Rhys. Hefll be joined behind the BBQ by other Sign On ambassadors and they'll be raising money for, well ... something that needs to remain secret for now but we'd love it if you came down to say hi, meet Rhys, grab a snarler and take away a Sign On poster or two. The sausage sizzle is from 1-3pm, Warehouse 64 Broadway, Newmarket, this Saturday- hope to see you there.

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Steve Dorey
Steve Dorey on 15 Nov 2009
Be a GOOD Leader and do what you know is right. Check out this to see what is possible by 2030!
April Jones
April Jones on 13 Nov 2009
We used to all pray for world peace, but there can be no peace with pollution
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 13 Nov 2009
Get over there John and give them a taste of kiwi!
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 11 Nov 2009
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 10 Nov 2009

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