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  • New finishing date Nov 30

      31 August 2023

    To all our Donors

    The new give a little finishing date will align with our friends, family and donor screening on November 19 at the Hollywood cinema. If you are a donor and wish to attend this free screening please rsvp to

    Regards Derek

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      2 July 2023

    Greetings all our amazing supporters - the dates are out now for the NZIFF Auckland screening of 'King Loser'. They can be seen here:

    The dates for Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin will be announced in a few days time and we will let you all know.

    For the Auckland screening, tickets go on sale this Tuesday (4th July) at 2pm at this site:

    We strongly suggest if you want to come to the premiere of King Loser at the Hollywood on the 28th July, that you register with Ticketmaster before then so that you can have an easier time booking tickets. It will be a hot ticket, so you will need to act fast to get in for the Friday night show, but there will be also be a screening on Sunday and Monday, so hopefully everyone who wants a ticket can get one. BUT IMPORTANTLY, because we are so indebted to our doners, we will be organising a FREE screening for friends, family and our givealittle community in mid-November at the Hollywood cinema in Auckland. This will be chill, with a bbq, djs and live music. So if you miss out, or live out of town, or have limited funds, never fear, the Losers are near!! And if you are not in Auckland then we will organise a screener to be sent to you. We have all your details, so we will keep you posted after this givealittle is closed down. Once again, we couldn't have done this without you, thank you thank you thank you!

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  • New trailer!

      29 June 2023
    Main image

    Hi everyone. Here's the new trailer for King Loser. Tickets will be available next week, get in quick!! Cheers.

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  • We have some very exciting news for 'King Loser'!!!

      9 June 2023
    Main image

    The secret is out! King Loser has been invited to screen at the NZIFF/Whānau Mārama this year, some time between 19th July and 10th September in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. AND they have agreed to let us include special additional performances of Cash Guitar (Chris Heazlewood) with special friends! We are soooo excited that we get to show the film so soon, and with Losers in attendance!

    So update on our fundraising - THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has contributed - it means so much. We have now covered the sound mix and the grade/titles/flame magic, and have nearly enough to cover for the music licensing rights and to make the DCP (digital cinema package), which is what the cinema needs to be able to play it. So if you know anyone who's been thinking about flicking us $20 or $200, they need to get their skates on!!! Again thank you so much to those who have donated - we will be sending out info to everyone who has donated as soon as we know the screening dates, with some rewards for those who have been very generous, but no matter how big or small your donation has been, we will definitely be buying you a drink at the party afterwards! Hit us up!

    Check out the link for the film festival and please share this to your socials. Thank you everyone!

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    • 11/06/2023 by Caitlin

      Congratulations!!!! Best news EVER!! Well done Andy and everyone involved. It sure is a labour of love ... and that means there's a Whole Lotta Love, innit?

  • King Loser at Neck of the Woods

      7 May 2023
    Main image

    Hi everyone. Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed, we just hit 12 G's! Here's a clip that isn't in the film but is too good not to share. King Loser in all their glory at the Others Way festival in 2016. Cheers and turn it up!

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      12 April 2023
    Main image

    Hey all, look out for our fantastic new band graphic designed by William Bardebes, it will be used on T shirts and a limited edition screen print poster. Please direct message us on Instagram @king_loser_documentary or Facebook ‘king loser documentary’ if you are interested in either. These will become available when the film is released.. cheers d

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      7 April 2023
    Main image

    Hey all. Thanks so much for the great response, 1 day in and we've hit 2 G's!! There's a ways to go but we're out there and we are doing it. Not much more to add but just a sincere thanks to all of you who have pitched in. Cheers!

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