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KIWI K.A.R.E UKRAINE - Kiwi Aid & Refugee Evacuation

  • Latest update from Kiwi K.A.R.E. Director Tenby Powell

      15 August 2022

    #NewZealand - a huge thank you from #Ukraine!

    We reached twenty percent of our goal to establish Kiwi K.A.R.E (Kiwi Aid & Refugee Evacuation) for a twelve month operation in Ukraine in a mere 10 days, and it has grown since then. We are now over the $55,000 mark.

    My heartfelt thanks to those who donated and to those who are spreading the word about our #humanitarianaid work.

    Please watch and share my video which gives you an update of last week’s work in Ukraine.

    And don’t forget to catch Tova O'Brien’s interview with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, on Wednesday, August 17th, at 6:30AM on Today FM.

    #kiwiKare #украина #ukraine #slavaukraini #StandWithUkraine

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  • Thank you New Zealand! 💙 💛

      11 August 2022
    Main image

    We are nearly at twenty percent of our goal in only 10 days. My huge thanks to all those generous souls who have donated and also to those who are supporting Kiwi K.A.R.E by spreading the word. Thank you one and all.

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  • Job done

      6 August 2022
    Main image

    JOB DONE ✔️

    Ambulances delivered directly into the hands of those who need them and, most importantly, know how to use them.

    The big tough looking guy is a Doctor, the other two are combat medics. One was limping very badly and took his arm out of a sling for the photo.

    And great to meet Bartosz Cichocki, the Polish Ambassador to #Ukraine who greeted us. I liked him a lot. He was one of the few Ambassadors who remained in #kyiv during the Russian assault on the city and is doing great work today.

    As you’ll observe, I was dressed appropriately for meeting the Ambassador, adorned with #Kiwiana. Big shout out to the Moutere Inn!

    I want to be very clear about my role in all this. I was the honorary member of an awesome Polish team. They needed someone who could drive competently on the wrong side of the road, who didn’t mind endless hours behind the wheel, and who could speak fluent Ukrainian. In the absence of all that, I got the call and it all worked out splendidly anyway.

    Don’t forget to donate to, or spread the word about, Kiwi K.A.R.E., here’s the link:

    #kiwiKare #украина #ukraine #slavaukraini

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  • Our convoy of ambulances

      4 August 2022

    Driving across #Poland in a convoy of ambulances bound for #Ukraine. We’ll cross the border tomorrow and head East.

    Great to be working with a top Polish team. 

    #kiwiKare #украина #ukraine #slavaukraini

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