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Lauren's MS Treatment - Reprogram Her Life - Updates - Givealittle

  • Lauren's tells how it feels💜     7 December 2019 New

    You have all been really amazing! I truly can't believe how generous you have all been. As a thank you I will be more open and share exactly how my MS rules my life. The other week I had an MRI, my transfusion in hospital and a hospital appointment all in one week while working full time! That in itself is exhausting. It feels like a full time job managing my illness. Tonight writing this I am beyond exhausted. My hands are shaking with fatigue and spasming 😞. The bones in my arms feel like they are rotting from the inside and my knees are on fire. It is so difficult having an invisible disease. People cannot see the excruciating pain, debilitating fatigue or the depression it brings me. There really is nothing worse than feeling terrible and being told you look great. But the scariest and most debilitating part of it all is not knowing. I live in fear of going to bed and waking up to not feel my legs or arms. If I could just have the gift of not having to worry it would change my whole life. Thank you all again. Please share the page far and wide. Or even this post to help inform people of how MS rules your life.

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  • Thankyou 💜     4 December 2019

    Thankyou💜 to all the amazing people who have donated to get us to this great amount in such a short time💜

    We will be fundraising starting in January so keep checking the page for updates .🎉🎉🎉

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  • THANKYOU 💜     28 November 2019

    Would just like to say how grateful we are for all the donations 💜 and to all the people who have shared her page . Please keep sharing THANKYOU 💜.

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