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Please please please help get Mel (and her cats) home to New Zealand so she can get the healthcare she needs.


UPDATE: Yesterday we got some terrible news. Mel finally had a scan of her upper spine. They discovered that her pain and temporary paralysis has been caused by her vertebrae in her neck crushing and fusing her nerves. This damage is irreversible. They need to operate as soon as possible to stop any more damage. The surgery is extremely high risk but without it she will deteriorate to full paralysis. She is not allowed to fly until the surgery has been done. I have been talking to both Mel and her mum and we are going to aim to fly her home as soon as the Dr's give the ok. She will very likely require a support person to fly with her as she will undoubtedly be in a wheelchair and will not be allowed to fly alone. We are also hoping to start the process of getting her cats send home earlier so they are not left alone for the time she is in hospital. Today Mel will be transferred to Birmingham hospital. It must be so scary going through this alone as nobody is allowed into the hospitals to be with her. I will update as I know more. Thank you everyone for donating. It means so much.

We all know what an amazing person Mel is. She is such an incredible person and would do anything for her friends, family, school and pupils. Now she needs our help. As most people know her health has gotten worse in the last couple of years. In the last few months it has become unbearable and she has been in and out of hospital in horrendous pain. Mel is a fighter and has never let the pain of Arthritis stop her from doing what she wants to do in life. Well now it is stopping her; from living a full life, teaching and worst of all in the last few weeks to even walking. The UK health system is failing her. She needs to come home to New Zealand where she can get the medical attention she needs and be with her family. But we also need to get home her babies, those 2 cats that have given her so much joy and love. In these times of Covid the flights home are crazy expensive and hard to come by. After being off work so much due to her health she just can't afford to get back and bring her cats back. Please donate and help get Mel home.

Audrey Ross' involvement (page creator)

Mel is such an amazing person and has been a true friend to me for many years. Now it's my turn to try to help her.

Use of funds

All funds will go directly to Mel to spend on flights for herself and the cats and all associated travel costs. Any additional money will go towards helping her healthcare costs in New Zealand.

Latest update

Message from Mel  5 August 2020

Posted by: Audrey Ross

I’ve been home from hospital 5 days now and have finally felt up to reading the overwhelming amount of kind, caring and supportive messages on the ‘Give a little’ page my friend set up. I don’t know quite what to say other than thank you from the bottom of my heart! I experienced the scariest of times so far in my hospital life and will make very good use of your kind donations to get home amongst all the cancellations due to Covid as well as with getting fit to fly for my journey back to NZ. I am on the mend and the surgery has restored my legs to such a standard that They haven’t felt this good in over two years! I have a wee way to go yet to recover but each day is a bit easier- especially now that I can read all the messages! Aroha (love) is all we all need at times like this and please know I’m being cared for here by my UK family with great amounts of it! ❤️☺️🙏

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Latest donations

katarzyna on 27 Aug 2020
We wish you loads of strenght and recovering quickly to be able to come back to your favourite kids at school, remember you are a strong woman and you will cope with no matter what happens. Oki and Family
Jocelyn on 07 Aug 2020
Sent with love
Narns on 06 Aug 2020
Fly hm wee buddy xx
Hayley Whitehead
Hayley Whitehead on 06 Aug 2020
Richard on 05 Aug 2020
Best of Luck Mel. You’re a wonderful person and I hope it all goes well!

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