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Let's help Pedja in his battle with CLL

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Given by 110 generous donors in 7 weeks

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Let's help Pedja get the treatment he needs to manage his CLL (chronic lymphatic leukaemia) and extend his life.

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Pedja was diagnosed with CLL (chronic lymphatic leukemia), in 2006. He lived a very healthy life for many years with very little symptoms. In fact many people did not even realise Pedja had this condition as he was doing really well. He kept healthy with his diet and positive nature until more recently he started showing more symptoms that the disease was progressing.

A few weeks ago he was hospitalized, needing blood transfusions for anemia and antibiotics for an underlying pneumonia. As CLL weakens the immune system, it is more common to pick up infections. When Pedja was discharged, the doctors told him he may only have 1 year to live.

Pedja is a self employed locksmith and has eight children aged 16 down to 2 years old. With CLL chemo is only given in the later stages of the disease. The full dose chemo the doctors want to give Pedja is not recommended for older patients as it is very harsh. So, people may understand why Pedja has opted out from this treatment. Instead he and his wife Michelle, have been looking at other treatment options.

Unfortunately these come at a cost and this is why they need a little or a lot of help!

Non funded drugs which have shown more positive results are not funded in NZ. They cost around $6000 per month. This would be an ongoing cost. However, since Pedja and Michelle have been researching and reading a lot on integrative treatments, they have found a few clinics overseas which may help Pedja manage his CLL and have better quality of life.

These clinics offer a variety of treatments, addressing the body as a whole. Treatments sometimes include low dose chemo and immunotherapy, however these are supplemented by boosting the immune system with IV vitamin c, ozone therapy, curcumin, dendritic cell treatment, resveratrol etc. The clinics also offer accommodation, meals and pick up from the airport. 4 weeks of treatment at most clinics we have contacted is around $50,000.

While one of these clinics is the preferred treatment for Pedja, the family is leaving the outcome in God's hands as they await funding through this Givealittle page. They realise it is a lot of money and if they do not manage to raise enough, they will use whatever has come in towards whatever treatment they can afford which might be just going for some IV vitamin c in NZ or Australia and for some time away from work to rest.

Every little bit you contribute helps and is hugely appreciated by Pedja and his whole family!

Pedja and Michelle would also appreciate your prayers that the Lord would give them wisdom to make the right decisions.

Viviane Ayers' involvement (page creator)

I am Michelle's sister and Pedja's sister-in-law

Use of funds

Money raised will go towards integrative treatment at an overseas clinic, as well as flights for Pedja and his wife Michelle. If we don't reach our goal any money raised will go towards whatever treatment they can afford and is available in NZ

Latest update

Where we're at...   15 December 2019

Thank you so much to all of you for your ongoing support and donations! Pedja and the family feel so blessed by each of you and are so very grateful for all the donations which have come in.

The last few weeks have seen Pedja battling another infection as well as having a number of hospital visits for blood and platelet transfusions.

He has been given a home care plan to get him fit enough to travel to a clinic in Thailand and their doctor is working with them to achieve this goal. He has also started Vitamin C transfusions to help give his immune system the boost it needs. With these combined treatments they hope that he will be well enough to travel soon!

So while Michelle and Pedja work on getting him healthy enough to fly, we can work on getting them to their financial goal! So please keep sharing this page as so many of you have already been doing!

With much love and gratitude,


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  • Julie

    Julie 1 day ago


    I will hold you in my thoughts and prayers.


  • Nadia

    Nadia 2 days ago




  • Kitty

    Kitty 3 days ago


    Happy new year.


  • Eehuey

    Eehuey 3 days ago


    I hope this helps you in this most difficult time. I will continue to pray for God's direction, love, comfort and peace. Bless you all. Philippians 4:13 New King James Version I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


  • Ocean

    Ocean 4 days ago


    Praying for you all, Oxo


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$21,971 of $60,000 goal

Given by 110 generous donors in 7 weeks

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