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Let's save Kates life.

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    Britt asks

    Hi Jess,

    I work with the upper Clutha sporting community trust and Kate was going to be speaking with us on Tuesday night about Nutrition and Wellbeing. Would you feel comfortable if I shared the give a little page on the upper Clutha sporting community trust facebook page and said a couple of sentences about her?


    Britt x

    on 22 Nov 2019

    • Jess Eastwood


      Hey Britt,

      Thanks for your email, yes GO FOR IT!! Share it all around :-) Thank you so much for the support!

      If you need a hand with anything let us know.

      Take care and thanks again - Jess

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    Louise asks

    Hey Jess,

    Thank you for setting up this page for Kate 🙏

    We recently ran an online program together, we are on different doterra teams. Is there anyway you could increase the target lso people keep donating?

    There are so many more doTERRA people that will share in their groups and pages.

    Would be amazing to keep the momentum going & then Aaron could perhaps join her, and it would alleviate any financial pressure.

    Much love

    Lou x

    on 22 Nov 2019

    • Jess Eastwood


      Hi Louise,

      We have discussed at length putting the target up, but it seems to not be a factor as we are still having donations rolling in constantly, so at this stage just going to leave it. The sum is insurmountable, as the costs will continue and continue. So we just hope people will donate as they can.

      Please do share the page and share it again and again. We have no plans to cancel momentum and will keep working to keep the fundraising going!

      Thank you so much for your wonderful and generous support, and look after yourself :-)

      Thanks so much


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