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Let's save Kates life.

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Mother of 2, Kate (35) has Stage 4 cancer. Not eligible for surgery and told nothing can be done, any treatment from here is palliative.

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It’s rare to find a person so wholly committed to helping others. It’s even harder to find one who gives without expectation, who cares without reason, and who is always there no matter what personal struggles they themselves are facing.

Kate Callaghan is one of those people. As a holistic nutritionist, wellness advocate, and above all, a mother of two, her life is dedicated to the pursuit of others.

But now, Kate needs your help.

Last week this beautiful, healthy, vibrant thirty-five year old was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer that has spread to her lymph nodes and liver. Kate was told, effectively - there isn't anything to be done. She isn’t eligible for surgery, and while chemotherapy or radiation will prolong her life, any treatment from here is palliative.

Not if we can help it.

There are options, but they are unfunded options and Kate doesn’t have medical insurance. The most viable option is an alternative, evidence based healing centre, backed by science.

The Hope4Cancer healing centres are based in Mexico and Thailand, and both cost upwards of US$35,000 (NZ$56,000).

That this is happening to someone so young, so health-conscious, is unjust. But what’s even more unjust is the fact that Kate was initially told not to bother with testing, she would be fine. It was only after a second opinion and a push for a mammogram, was she reluctantly granted a referral for ‘piece of mind.’

Now, this is Kate’s one chance, her only chance. Her children, Ed and Olivia, are two and four. She needs to be here for them as they grow, here for them as they graduate university, as they marry and move on to adulthood. She needs to be here for her husband Aaron, she needs to be here to finish the landscaping on her house and she needs to be here to pick out the goddamn curtains for the lounge.

While we know that everyone faces hardship and obstacles in their lives - some as great as this, others not - this page isn’t meant to place a higher value on Kate’s struggle, only to highlight what she means to us. Please give what you can, but if you can’t, know your love and support towards the Callaghan family is received with equal gratitude.

Please help us give Kate, Aaron, Olivia and Ed this chance as Kate begins the fight for her life.

Jess Eastwood's involvement (page creator)

Kate is a dear friend of ours, we have been through pregnancies, house moves, raising children and lots of turmoil together. Kate brings laughter, different perspectives, love, inspiration and heart warming kindness into our world.

Use of funds

The treatment at Hope4Cancer centres cost upwards of US$35,000 ($NZ56,000). Any money raised will be spent on flying Kate here and utilising their high result services. We thank you deeply for your generosity.

Latest update

Goal smashed and dismissed!  25 November 2019

Posted by: Jess Eastwood

Thank you so much everyone for your outstanding donations, we are all deeply humbled and overwhelmed. There is so much love out there.

It is not Kates time yet, and so with your help we are now able to send her to her treatment centre in Mexico (Hope for Cancer). There may be several trips back and forth involved and a family member required to support her, so with this phenomenal amount that has been donated, this is all possible, and happening as soon as possible!

We will keep you updated as much as we can with Kate and her progress.

We have deleted the goal - as the amount required to save a life, really is insurmountable, so therefore, any donations received will all go towards Kate and her family and her recovery...because my friends, SHE'S TOTALLY GOT THIS!

Thank you for the support, the well wishes, the help and the love. Keep sharing this page and being amazing humans...and let's continue to blow the roof off any goal!!

With eternal gratitude,

Team Kate xxx

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Tim on 25 Dec 2019
Father Christmas (on behalf of Kate W)
Father Christmas (on behalf of Kate W) on 25 Dec 2019
Kate.W have requested this donation as her Secret Santa present. Wish you all the best. From Santa
Damien on 23 Dec 2019
Wish you all the luck Kate. So sorry to hear about your diagnosis but praise your fighting spirit and I'm cheering you on to beat the cancer. I never met you but came across Aaron about 6 years ago (Sydney) within the fitness industry and he stood out like a massive Golden Nugget compared to most in this industry and also life in general. So authentic and genuine. From reading information about your life, you've met his match perfectly. I wish you great success with the treatment.
Damian on 23 Dec 2019
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 23 Dec 2019

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