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Let's save Kates life. - Updates - Givealittle

  • Goal smashed and dismissed!     25 November 2019

    Thank you so much everyone for your outstanding donations, we are all deeply humbled and overwhelmed. There is so much love out there.

    It is not Kates time yet, and so with your help we are now able to send her to her treatment centre in Mexico (Hope for Cancer). There may be several trips back and forth involved and a family member required to support her, so with this phenomenal amount that has been donated, this is all possible, and happening as soon as possible!

    We will keep you updated as much as we can with Kate and her progress.

    We have deleted the goal - as the amount required to save a life, really is insurmountable, so therefore, any donations received will all go towards Kate and her family and her recovery...because my friends, SHE'S TOTALLY GOT THIS!

    Thank you for the support, the well wishes, the help and the love. Keep sharing this page and being amazing humans...and let's continue to blow the roof off any goal!!

    With eternal gratitude,

    Team Kate xxx

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