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Life for my Wife

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Terminal young mother of 2 desperately needs specialized treatment that is currently unfunded in NZ to give her more time with her Family

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Treatment Awareness Cancer

On Thursday 15 June 2017 my Beautiful Elaine, was given devastating news that would change our happy life as we knew it.

At the age of 31, the C word is the last thing a doting Mother of 2 young children would expect or want to hear, and as the Doctors were giving her their diagnosis the only thing that she could think of after hearing "INCURABLE", was our children, myself and how long?

Tears streaming down her face and her voice trembling she would then go on to call me to come urgently to the Hospital, that call still haunts me.

Not long after that; and after Elaine and I had time to process this heartbreaking news came the time to tell our children that there will be some changes and that mummy is sick, this was a difficult conversation but one we knew we needed to have.

For the next couple of weeks we were in and out of hospital meeting specialist after specialist and having all the necessary tests done to find out the exact nature of what we are facing.

Elaine has Stage 4 Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Carcinoid Cancer.Carcinoid syndrome is rare affecting approximately 10% of people with NETs. Aggressiveness is Intermediate to High Grade. The tumour has now metastasized meaning it has spread from her Pancreas to her Liver so much so that surgery is no longer an option. Therefore controlling the cancer is the only way to give Elaine more time, more life.

Chemo as we know will put even more strain on her already ailing body,with a slim chance at working effectively, if at all. However even with Elaine being a more higher grade NET patient we’ve found out from her Oncologist Dr Ben Lawrence that she’s a good candidate for the best most prolonging and recommended treatment called PRRT (Peptide receptor radionuclide therapy) Unfortunately this is not funded in New Zealand and at a cost of $50,000 this is out of our reach, which is why we need, why Elaine needs YOUR help.

Since the initial diagnosis I’ve had to watch my Love succumb to symptoms of nausea, headaches, breathlessness, heart palpitations, debilitating back and abdominal pains, long periods of flushing of the face and worst of all having little to no energy at all to be herself with our two adoring kids,Lalakai (9Yrs), Lorielle (6Yrs) and me.

Please please please, I beg you, I plead to you. Please help give My Precious Fiancé, our kids Perfect Mum a chance at life and living longer with us. Your generosity will secure Elaine the PRRT treatment she desperately needs.

Thank you, God Bless.

"Currently New Zealand NET cancer patients are self-funding and travelling to Australia for their cancer treatment, personally costing them around $50,000 each. This treatment is clinically proven to show dramatic improvement to patients, often giving them years of good quality life." -

We have decided to aim 10K more than the estimate to facilitate any unforeseeable costs regarding treatment we would not otherwise afford.

Use of Funds:

Money raised will strictly go towards Elaine’s PRRT treatment plus travel for both her and I as her support person to Melbourne. We do not want or will not use any funds for any personal usage outside the scope of Elaine's treatment costs.

All remaining funds will be donated on your behalf to the wonderful Unicorn Foundation and their plight to bring PRRT to all Kiwi Neuroendocrine sufferers facing the same struggle.

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Daniel Milo


My Beautiful Fiance Elaine and I have two amazing children; our 9yr son Lalakai and 6yr daughter Lorielle. With 11 years under our belt, our family is still just in its infancy of life. We are holding tightly onto our Mummy our Love the Rock of our family.

All funds raised benefit:

Elaine Iketau

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Daniel Milo on behalf of Elaine Iketau.

  • $50,252.00 donated
  • 610 generous donors

$50,252 donated



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