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  • Extend timeframe of my Givealittle Page     21 May 2019

    Thank you all for your help toward my ongoing treatment for metastatic cancer.

    With your help I have been able to continue working with my amazing integrated nutritionist, receive regular IVC.

    I have been able to have an RGCC and my blood sent to Greece to enable specific information to what will help me and have been able to have a skype consult with a Dr in the Gold Coast and talk about alternative options that I qualify for and are available to me there. We are currently looking at date availability.

    I have had 2 CT Scans since sharing my story and setting up my Givealittle page in December and they have shown a decrease in size of the tumour and cancer markers on each - God is so good.

    I would like to extend the time of my Givealittle as I still have a bit to go and I truely believe I can kick this.

    I am grateful for all the love and support this far and I wish I could express with words the extent of how loved and determined I feel with you all right with me.

    Thank you.

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