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I woke this morning, put my big girl pants on & a brave face to share my story with you & hope to raise funds for treatment to fight cancer.

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It's so crazy that a word can have so many different meanings, take you in a million different directions and lead you down and back around multiple pathways good and bad and still be so beautiful.

I have always put others first. My passion is people, I am always in search of ways to bring people together, create a sense of belonging, uplift people, spread the love and as much positivity as possible so its only natural for me not wanting to share my struggles or even ask for help, but I’m always up for a challenge and this is my biggest yet, so here goes.

June 2015, I went to the doctors for a lump under my collarbone I thought was an injury from crossfit training that hadn’t gone away in 3 weeks. It turns out that lump was my clavicle which was out of alignment, but during that check in, the Dr found a lump I couldn’t see or feel that was of concern. I had multiple tests, mammograms, ultrasounds and a biopsy done over a very long month and on August 30th 2015 I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and given a ticket on to the craziest rollercoaster ride I could ever get on.

From then it was all on and the public health system moved quickly with tests, surgery dates, plans and an overload of information, it was hard to keep up while trying to process the diagnosis myself and within 2 weeks of my diagnosis I was in surgery. The cancer was removed, they found it had not reached my nodes or spread and I was declared cancer free, however this would be the beginning of a new journey in my life.

4 weeks post surgery I competed in a crossfit competition. The competition included a swim and if you could put yourself slightly in my shoes you would understand the anxiety and feelings I went through – But I nailed it and it was in that moment I decided I was unstoppable and I was going to keep being ME!

The next 3 years have been a concoction of good and bad from radiation therapy to hormone therapy to fertility treatment and hanging out at Auckland and Greenlane hospital on the regular. I experienced multiple side affects, forced menopause, hot flushes, constant tiredness and lethargy. I went through a marriage separation, distance from my stepson, loss of friendships, family and accepted the possibility of not being able to have children of my own. I kept competing in crossfit and strongman competitions qualifying for the NZ Crossfit Nationals both individual and team and the up & coming Arnolds Strongman Australian championship. I maintained two jobs, a full time and part-time jobs working 56 hours focusing my energy on helping people, family, friends and communities, an advocate for people, life & love 100%.

In May 2018 I was scheduled to have reconstructive surgery which would be the start of the end of this/that journey, but the day before I was to go in, I was in radiology for an ultrasound for a swollen abdomen I had a few weeks earlier. A mass was found on my liver and I was told I would not be able to have surgery until I knew what I was dealing with. WTF & WHY!!!!

The next month was long and tiring spent doing more tests, a biopsy, CT scans, appointments with doctors, oncologists then finally the dreaded diagnosis of secondary metastatic cancer – It was back. The diagnosis had a different effect on me this time and after a month of anxiety in the unknown, finally knowing gave me some clarity to make a plan, although very different from the first time I went through this.

The Oncologist advised that there is no cure for secondary cancer and this time the public system were not rushing me anywhere, no surgeons, no surgery, no information given, only the option to change my current hormone therapy. I’m not sure I’ve fully registered there is no cure – I’m a believer and a never giver-upper-er so I don’t know what that means and I’m sticking to that.

Following diagnosis first things first - I was going on my Central America trip which was originally planned as a celebration trip of being cancer free, but life is strange like that. It was AMAZING and I returned knowing I could do anything and was ready to take on the world.

I came back from my trip with a broken ankle which I am actually grateful for as it forced me to slow down (as much as slowing down for Leehane is) and to take it ALL in – The journey to date, people I’ve met through this journey, family, friends, colleagues, life. I researched ALOT, alternative treatment, nutrition, mindfulness and I opened my heart to God who guided me in meeting some special people who have given me hope and a chance of miracles that has led me to wake this morning, put my big girl pants on, a brave face and share my story in hopes that you will really see ME and help me raise funds for treatment in Australia so that I can keep living this crazy thing called LIFE.

I appreciate so many people in my life! My day 1's (you all know who you are) Thank you from all of my heart!

The many women I have crossed paths with on the same journey, I admire your strength and grace through something that has a million words to explain it but is completely unexplainable.

I thank and pray for family, friends and caregivers that travel this journey with their loved ones because your strength & hope is reflective.

I am thankful for those in the medical, health and fitness industry and especially those that have gone the extra mile for ME (you also know who you are).

I am so blessed and have faith in God and this journey and the purpose in my sharing #miracle.

Use of funds

The funds will be used to help me get overseas and for treatment to fight Cancer.

Latest update

LOVE & GRATITUDE  16 September 2019

This week has been an emotional ride of mixed feelings and thoughts, but the greatest of those being love & gratitude.

Today, I am heading to the Gold Coast for 10 days of alternative treatment at the Cassia Wellness Centre.

For the past 10 months since sharing my journey, my life progressively's hard to find the words that describes how I feel, but the one that shines so bright is LOVE I've never seen it in THIS light before, nor have I known love to THIS extent - I'm grateful beyond words!

I've been held in an invisible hug of thickness in the air from the strength of unified love & kindness of so many - God, Family, Family friends, Friends, Friends of friends, Church, Fitness friends, Medical, Intergrated & Hollistic Health, the CrossFit, Strongman & Fitness communities, work friends, & strangers, now new friends, "WE" powerful to overcome anything!

Thank you ALL for your love & support, physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually & beyond! We've raised enough money for treatment now and potentially again next year.

I am truly grateful - I couldn't have got HERE without you all 💙💚💛🧡💜❤🖤


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  • jenni

    jenni on 03 Oct 2019


    Leehane, You probably don't remember me, but we went to school together. Just wanted to say that I just watched the video of you competing at the Schwarzenegger event in Australia, and you're amazing. Big love to you. xoxo Jenni


    • Leehane Stowers

      Hi Jenni, I am so grateful for your kindness & your message!! I do remember you from School <3 I hope you are well & happy! Sending love back xx

  • Chants

    Chants on 13 Sep 2019


    Because you give us strength. Love you


    • Leehane Stowers

      Thank you for your love & support always <3

  • Megan

    Megan on 29 Aug 2019


    From our community Lee. xo #renegadeforlyf ;P


    • Leehane Stowers

      Thank you for sharing the love <3 #renegadeforlyf xx

  • Sara

    Sara on 27 Aug 2019


    You're a daily inspiration to me!


    • Leehane Stowers

      Thank you for your love and support, in many ways xx

  • Stephen Buckley

    Stephen Buckley on 14 Aug 2019



    • Leehane Stowers

      Thank you my friend & also Congratulations xx

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$47,336 of $200,000 goal

Given by 378 generous donors in around 11 months

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